The Pink tool box


Sep 20, 2005
these are cool


For just £29.99 you can pack a versatile set of tools in to your glove compartment that will help keep you moving, especially on those cold winter mornings. See below for a list of the Pink Car Kit's vital ingredients.


For just £29.99 you can pick up a box full of tools to realise your dreams. If bought individually the items would cost over £40, even without the box itself. The Pink Toolbox is packed with useful equipment, and will help ease your home maintenance headaches. And there's plenty of room in the box for you to add your own favourite tools. See below for a list of the Pink Tool Box's carefully chosen tools and implements.


Fed up with the junk that hotels and airlines call toiletries? Take the Pink Travel Kit with you on your holidays and be spared the blushes that come from crumpled clothes, dodgy shampoo, hair-non-dryers and soap from skin purgatory. Just £37.99 gives you a quality collapsible steam iron, a powerful mini hairdryer with plug adapters for both items, a passport holder, a baggage tag and finally a set of little bottles for you to decant your favourite shampoos and conditioners into. Plus a secure 3-digit padlock to keep it all safely locked in the soft case.