The pink predicament

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  1. :whiteflag: ok so folks this is not a PurseBop feature, well not entirely....
    BUT rather a common place for us all to share our PINK PREDICAMENTS this season.

    Karl has indebted us with an abundance of PINK (FUCHSIA) CHANEL ....each soooooo beautiful in there own special way...
    BUT the common predicament ALL FUCHSIA FRENZY PATRONS have faced is this:

    PATENT OR LAMB:love:

    LAMB OR PATENT :shrugs:

    then we start the debate in our minds, ALL OVER AGAIN!

    PATENT OR LAMB:noggin:

    LAMB OR PATENT :jrs:
  2. PurseBop will begin the dialog, but PLEASE everyone chime in and discuss with each other, and by all means everyone reply to one another. I wanted to start a discussion thread on PINK/FUCHSIA weeks ago from my YOGA retreat, and started just briefly on my:

    The Legend of the LEGO, and a #FFFF FUN FILLED FALL FEAST thread...

    but gave up the idea very quickly as I realized I was not going to relax and meditate effectively (or at all, with TPF lurking in my mind) while thinking PINK the whole time...SO I ACTUALLY SUCCESSFULLY LOGGED OUT FOR A FEW DAYS, haha!

    And my idea of a new thread and reveal ended with only this....I copy and paste directly below...
  3. Actively listening PurseBop!!
  4. #4 Apr 6, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2014
    This is a direct COPY/PASTE from here(pg 38)....

    "Girls I had really wanted to begin a whole new thread for FUCHSIA FRENZY, but with the current situation at hand and being pressed for time here at the most incredible retreat, not to mention the 12.5 hour time difference...

    PurseBop will just do an itsy bitsy feature reveal here...

    It all started for me (and many, many others, LOL) exactly 2 weeks ago today when the first pictures of the new "fuchsia lambskin" surfaced and I posted THIS to my Instagram account @pursebop and then to the TPF Chanel Shopping S/S 2014 thread that moves at bullet speed..."

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  5. Love your pink flap so much! Absolutely gorgeous
  6. Within a matter of minutes my Instagram picture had record high views and I am sure SA's texts were pouring in for Chanel LOVERS to get on the what was soon to become the FUCHSIA FRENZY wagon...

    After last years hot pink phenomenon with the iridescent version, then the gorgeous 13S pink lambie with matte gold hardware exclusive to Europe and Asia, and the rival Hermes Rose Tyrein ---lets just say there was a massive craving for a hot pink CHANEL!

    Well personally I was ALL OVER THIS, I knew I was leaving for Las Vegas and then immediately for my 3 week long trip overseas, so I NEEDED MY FUCHSIA FIX FAST, REALLY FAST:panic:!

    :yes:I was lucky that I had my name down at my local Chicago boutique very early on, and knew that as soon as these beauties began to ship, mine would be right around the corner....
  7. Hi PB, it was definitely an aggravating few weeks for me as I changed my mind at the speed of what seems like every other second about getting patent versus lamb fuchsia, then debating the size to best get the color in.
    Lamb is beautiful in this color due to its saturation and brightness while patent in fuchsia is beautiful in its own right! It was definitely a difficult decision so I eventually waved the white flag, like many others have here and bought both. :whiteflag:
  8. Cuteandcouture join in any time...this is a PINK FORUM for all of us to share our 'PINK PREDICAMENTS'
  9. Completely agree!! I don't know which I love more! But for me, there can only be one. So I have to choose very wisely!
  10. I feel like we speak of our PINK PREDICAMENT all over the CHANEL FORUM so I just wanted to create a common ground or reference thread for all of those still struggling
  11. I got the elusive call from my boutique 2 days before I left (couldn't go immediately because of our LOVELY CHICAGO SNOW STORMS, but made it there the EVE of my VEGAS trip...

    This is a very happy PurseBop and her passengers driving home :happydance::woot::yahoo:

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  12. I honestly could not decide one over the other, they are both beautiful in its own right. This was a picture I took at the later part of the "predicament-in-progress" stage. ;)

  13. Let me fast forward a bit...or else we'll be here all night:giggles:

    I was able to see the lamb and patent m/l's side by side and I admit, immediately reached for the lambskin :hbeat:...really it was instinctive for me!
  14. perfect bluekit, thank you for chiming in! Fantastic 'in progress pics' LOL
  15. when I saw lamb I knew it was it for me. But then pictures of patent came flooding so I thought to myself maybe I should look at it just to be sure. the thought of buying both to ship to me so I can see them both IRL has crossed my mind. but I wanted them both shipped at the same time or otherwise I don't want to hang on to one bag for a while and ended up STUCK with it in case the other one get held up. Since both are not available at the same time, I decided to stick to my original decision and jump on the lamb, forget about the patent and move on... there are already some tough decision on colors - blue, yellow, orange, light pink? and I don't want to add another on top of all of that.

    I haven't received my lamb yet... (it will be here this week for sure) but I am hoping it will be love at first sight.