The pink in my ice storm

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  1. The ice storm that's coated everything around here with 2 inches of hard slippery ice has made it perfect weather to call up Vuitton and do some ordering. :nuts: My pizza guy won't come out to the house right now, but LV will. :love:


    (shown with some pink Be@rbricks to match the rest of my nutty collection pics :blush: )

    I also nabbed new refills for my Medium Agenda, too.

    They're blue themed this year so they match my Indigo! Woowoo!


    The icons book rocks and totally worth the price. My refills for my mini agenda were $66.00!! INSANE!

    I am not sure about my choice of Fram it's less shimmery than the Indigo, but the mini Pommes aren't in stores yet. :push: I called up and asked them to give me a call if the mini agenda Pomme got in stock so I could do an exchange.

    Lil' pinks next to its big blue sis

    I made a Mini and Small agenda FAQ here:

    And if you're curious how it looks after an ice storm hits:

    We're getting 7 inches of snow this weekend, too! Think I'll be calling up Vuitton again? :graucho:
  2. I think the Framboise is beautiful! It looks great with the indigo.
  3. Ohhhhh sooooo pretty!!!
  4. Congrats and those bear's look uber cute:love: I wish I could send over some of the heat from here to you ..I HATE summer:yucky:
  5. So pretty framboise and indigo.
  6. LOL pack it up, this is going to be the only time I'll welcome a box full of hot air. :lol:

    Thanks :biggrin:
  7. haha ... I will try;)
  8. Lovin that Indigo.. and the rest too! Love your toys tooo mewlicious!!!
  9. congrats! love them both
  10. Your toys are too cute, and so is Franklin! :love: Congrats on your new stuff!!!
  11. Love that Indigo! What I wouldn't give for an Indigo Mercer........:love:
  12. How cute!!! Congrats!!! :nuts:
  13. wowowow....nice nice
  14. Love the Framboise.... and the Bearbrick!!!
  15. Cute!