The Pill - Delaying start of new packet by a week. safe?

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  1. Alright, i tend to be paranoid so I jsut HAD to ask... I just finished taking the last placebo (white) pilll yesterday and am supposed to start my new packet of pills today. But here the thing... I will be going on vacation in 3 week and do not want tohave my period that week. So I am thinking of putting off the packet of pills until next week .... so start taking pill #1 on the 20th instead. I will no need to use a backup method beginning the 27th right?
  2. It's better to take birth control continuously otherwise you'll have to wait another month for it to be effective again. Start the next pack on time but next time skip the placebos and IMMEDIATELY start your next pack. Then you will simply skip your period, which is completely healthy and doctor approved to do occassionally. Just make sure that when you start the new pack after you skip the placebos that you take them SUPER on time, otherwise you will get some spotting.

    I do this all the time with no problemos as long as I remember to take my pills on a really regular schedule (i.e. b/t 1-1:15pm every day or something like that).
  3. not a good idea at all! just start your new pack and then when you get to the next set of placebos, skip them and start a new pack right away. if you don't take your pills for a week you'll probably be bleeding and it will be a general pain in the a$$, plus you're body would be all out of whack and you'd have to use extra protection for the next month or more to make sure you don't get preggers