The Pill and your skin

  1. Hi all,

    I know this had probably been discussed a hundred times over but which birth control are you on that also helps clear up acne?

    I have been on Diane-35 for a while until I discovered that it was actually not very efficient as birth control. Then I was on Allesse and I hated it. Now I'm on Tricyclen-Lo and it doesn't seem to do much for me.

    Getting of of the Pill is not really an option: I tried it once and didn't have a period for 6 months! And I broke out everywhere... chest, face, back... gah...

    I feel like I have the worst skin in the world! :crybaby:And I have tried SO many different skincare brands, too! I actually feel like crying... sorry...
  2. I, too, am having a bad time with my skin. I never had breakouts as a teen, and now in my 30's my chin is out of control. I have tried so many skincare brands and NOTHING works. I have just started a topical antibiotic and am hoping it will have an effect.

    I am almost afraid to try hormones, as I've heard nightmare stories about the breakouts if you ever decide to stop using them, especially diane-35. Accutane can be downright dangerous. I'm at a loss about what to try next if the Cleocin doesn't work.

    So I guess I am not much help other than to say I am anxious to hear the answers, too!
  3. When I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen my skin was perfect the entire time. It didn't give me any emotional problems, but it did make me gain weight-- ALL in my chest (I went up a whole cup size, almost 2). It was wonderful... I loved it!!!

    My skin hasn't been the same since I went off it a couple years ago :sad:
  4. ^^ ClaireZk, I had the same exact experience with Ortho! I'm married now, but I wonder.... why did I ever go off of them? Hmm, I vaguely remember my gyno saying something about staying on the pill for 10+ years is dangerous, too bad.

    Spoiled_brat: I would reccomend Ortho Tri-Cyclen if it's still available.
  5. I take Ortho Tri-Cyclen and it cleared up all my acne...I've had no negative side effects from it at all!
  6. Another vote for Ortho Tri-Cyclen.
  7. Try yasmin it is good for acne and PMS. Can't beat that.
  8. I've been on the pill for five years now...tried three different kinds - Ortho Trycyclen, Ortho Trycyclen Lo and Lo-24. None of them did anything to clear up my skin. I am not kidding when I say that I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of acne and oral antibiotics was the only thing that worked... After only two weeks, most of my acne was gone and the ones that did pop up once in a while healed 10x faster. But antibiotics are SO bad for your body!!!
  9. I use Yasemin, and it has worked great. I get breakouts every once and a while, but they aren't nearly as bad as they used to be. Also, i've been under a lot of stress lately, so that's probably it..
    I haven't gained weight from it, and i went on it when i was 16 so i can't tell if my cup size going up was normal or hormone-induced :sweatdrop:
    Also, i can skip periods and not get breakthrough bleeding like some people on other pills. It's great :yes:
  10. Thanks for the responses. My sister is now on Ortho Tri-Cyclen (I am on Lo right now) and she is getting no improvements from it either.

    I am contemplating trying Yasmine.

    Has anybody tried Yaz?
  11. I'm using YAZ and like Yasmin it helps with my skin and my MOOD swings. With YAZ there is 24 pills and 4 placebo, less periods. Check out the site for more info. I've tried the Alesse, Ortho, and Depo Provera (the worst depression and moodiness ever) Seasonal (couldn't stand the contant spotting)Of all of them I like YAZ. Hope I helped
  12. I take Yasminelle (a low dose) and I think my skin has gotten a bit better while I've been on it! ...I don't notice much of a difference though.

    The big "change" came to my skin when I started using Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System. Before I used to get big, cyst-like pimples, and since I have been using Clinique I haven't hardly gotten any! :smile: I don't really get pimples anymore unless I am: a) stressed out or b) getting ready for my period, then I get very small pimples.
  13. yasmin!!! I've been on it for years! made me lose weight, my skin is MUCH better... no more PMS...
  14. A good friend of mine tried Yaz and it was horrible for her. Terrible acne, super-long periods, etc. She switched back to ortho tri-cyclen lo which works for her. Some pills are known to cause more problems than others i feel like, but really it all depends on the person. you just have to experiment until you find one you like..
  15. here's some more info about Yasmin, I got this of the site:
    - Milder, more regular periods,
    - Reduced risk of ovarian cysts,
    - Reduced risk of ectopic pregnancy,
    - Reduced risk of benign breast cysts or lumps,
    - Reduced risk of endometrial cancer,
    - Reduced risk of ovarian cancer.

    All birth control pills contain synthetic hormones that imitate the hormones a woman naturally produces. Today, there are over 40 brands of birth control pills available that are variations of each other because they all contain an estrogen and a progestin. Only YASMIN® contains the progestin drsp™, or drospirenone (pronounced dros-peer-eh-known), which makes it a different kind of pill. Talk to your healthcare professional about the unique properties associated with the progestin drsp™. Your healthcare professional can help further explain how YASMIN® with drsp™ may be right for you.

    YASMIN® contains a different kind of hormone, drsp™, which may increase potassium. Therefore, you should not take YASMIN® if you have kidney, liver or adrenal disease, because this could cause serious heart and health problems. Tell your doctor if you are on daily long-term treatment for a chronic condition such as cardiovascular disease or chronic inflammatory disease.