"The Pilgrimage" Paris tPF Meet on Wednesday, July 9, 2008

  1. So this is the official "The Pilgrimage" thread I have set the date for

    Wednesday 9th July 2008

    Location Paris

    I would love to meet you all!

    So are you coming???​
  2. Im coming !!! YAY ! :smile:
  3. I'm coming too! I'm so excited :smile:
  4. Me, too:wlae:!!! Can't wait!!! Is that already definite? Because I'll buy my plane ticket asap.... way too excited:yahoo:!!! LOL!
  5. I think it is (please correct me if not LOL :p), I cant wait either !, gunna book my plane tickets soon as I can :smile:

  6. Hold off just a little let give it just a little while but honestly I think that'll be the date. ut I don't want you to buy it and then have to move it. with it being so far ahead I don't foresee any real problems but lets just give it a couple of days. ( I guess I'm being overly cautious)
  7. We're way too excited about this! LOL! I'm pretty sure we'll all have a blast in Paris:wlae:
  8. LOL I know if your this excited now what will you be like 6 months from now!
  9. Thanks :smile:! I must agree, it can be a bit of a hassle. Anyways, keep us posted please.
  10. Exactly!!! LOL:tup:!
  11. OMG, I totally want to cross the pond for this one! Label such a fab idea!
  12. Oh I would so love to come Label but I can never plan that far ahead. My mum will be 87 by then & her health is not good at the minute. I have to wait see my brother's plans first as we both cannot be away at the same time. he is usually in Portugal around that time but if possible I would love to go. I :heart: Paris & would love to meet you all.
  13. Irishpandabear YAY I look forward to meeting you!

    Roz that's OK I understand plus we are so close that we can do last minute trips, are you coming to the Leeds Meet?
  14. ^^^^

    Thanks hehehe what's the programme, every LV in Paris? LOL What joy!!!
  15. Of Course!

    then if people were staying longer than the day we could do something like dinner at Moulin Rouge (I'm just thinking out loud here)