The pictures I promised!

  1. My newest goodies (couldn't leave the store empty handed you know -- still deciding on a purse, most likely leaning toward a Petit Noe):


    Mini Pochette (my Mom gave me this, she's decided she wants the Damier one, and of course, I am not going to say no! :graucho:), Ludlow wallet and Cles.

    Mom's newest goodies:

    Vive-Cite GM (this bag is HUGE.)


    Damier Recolletta, Koala Wallet and Koala Change Purse.


    The wallet and change purse have the GORGEOUS red leather lining. The purse has the terra-cotta colored lining.
    lv-mom01.jpg lv-mom02.jpg
  3. Beautiful!!
  4. That Damier collection is so adorable! I love the combo!!
  5. Wow! Great buys! Congrats!
  6. Nice! love the damier collection!
  7. Very all the goodies!
  8. Very nice buys!! Congrats! :smile:
  9. Congrats! :heart: everything! Is the Koala change purse yours or your mom's? You should get the Petit Noe! It's going to haunt you in your:sleepy:
  10. Just gorgeous-and you have a great mom!
  11. Oh my gosh! Love all of it!
  12. The Koala Change purse is Mom's. (But I can borrow it!) She uses it usually when she goes to the gym. I so want this in monogram though, the little Koala clasp is so flippin cute!
  13. congrats!
  14. lucky you! the mini pochette is so cute! congrats! i love your lv collection!
  15. Gorgeous! Congrats!!