The pics of my collection.

  1. A few days ago i prommised to ad my bagpictures on this blog.
    And here they are, we took this pictures this afternoon.
    My BIG LOVE made them i`m curieus what u al think about my babies.

    I really adore them all.

    The small orange/beige shoulder bag with the logos is from Gran Canaria.
    Spain has also rights of the brand Balenciaga but its not designed by Nicolas.
    But also nice i thought.

    I hope U love them as much as i do.

    Till next time.

    FX van Leeuwen:heart:
  2. Ooooh, I don't see any pics!
  3. i don't see any either......
  4. here they are realy forgot to ad my pics

    balenciaga_from_gran_canaria.jpg balenciaga_from_gran_canaria_closeup.jpg beauty_loves_to_shop.jpg black_city.jpg black_city_closeup.jpg
  5. more to come

    black_clutch_closeup.jpg black_weekender.jpg black_weekender_closeup.jpg brown_messenger.jpg brown_messenger_closeup.jpg
  6. And the last sorry forget to ad and the format was to big.
    Hopefully its now ok.
    my_black_clutch.jpg saddle_bag___beauty.jpg saddlebag_closeup.jpg family_pic.jpg
  7. your black weekender looks amazing! It has amazing leather and surprisingly doesn't look too big. Thanks for sharing your collection with have a great assortment of bags.
  8. omg lovely collection!!!! i love the black clutch...acccckkkk....:heart: :love:
  9. WOW, i love them :smile: never knew balenciaga is so unisex... i love it!
  10. Thanks for sharing your collection! I like your cute doggie too. :flowers:
  11. The doggy is from my boyfriend in the weekend she is together with him at my place. She called Beauty because she`s so beautiful and adorebel.

    And she realy likes to shop just like me.

    BYBY FX:heart:
  12. It`s from 2005.
    I realy like the new round clutch with the very long tassles

    BYBY FX:nuts:
  13. I LOVE your messenger bag! Thanks for sharing!
  14. The messenger looks fabulous on you. Thanks for sharing your collection!
  15. great collection and precious doggie!!! I really love that clutch, wish they they still made it