the pics as promised...(hope she likes them)

  1. About a month ago, I made a post asking your opinion of what bag should I get for my mom's b'day...
    Well, I dropped by the local LV store and came back with these...(don't mean to tease, but the website only has a limit of 5 attachment per post...
    bags-small.JPG boxes-small.JPG
  2. ooooh, what is it??
  3. I think the commonly accepted practice here, is that you have to have a speedy in your collection...

    And this being my mom's first LV...what other than a speedy would be more appropriate?
    Mot much...except maybe a speedy with a matching PTI wallet?
    speedy-small.JPG pti-small.JPG
  4. You are the BEST!!! She will love them. What wonderful, classic gifts!
  5. And to complement the speedy and PTI wallet (which I really hope she will use as her daily bag+wallet combo)...I also got her something more...classy...

    presenting the Batignolles (I hope that's how you spell it)...and the mini pochette accessories...

    Again - thank you all for your comments and suggestions to my original post before...
    batignolles-small.JPG minipoch-small.JPG
  6. excellent choices :tup: who wouldn't want those?
  7. what a great daughter, know she will love evrything wou have picked out
  8. wow
    great sure she'll like everything
  9. Wonderful presents! She's gonna be sooo happy!
  10. wow, what nice gifts!!!
  11. they look great, what a lucky mom!
  12. Excellent picks, especially since it's your mothers first LV. I hope she likes them!
  13. Wow, your mom is going to LOve them. You should give her one gift after another.
  14. great choices ur a sweety
  15. congrat.. very niceeeee gifts:smile: