the picotin....specifically white????!!!

  1. so, love the thinking:rolleyes: about a white one for summer...what are the pros/cons of white...the other option is orange...just not sure which color to get:nogood:
  2. I think either would be so cute for summer! :tup: I guess the only drawback with white would be keeping it clean?
  3. I'm lusting after the same bag right now...

    The bag should be fairly easy to wipe down, but since it can be a hand held bag, the handles will show wear quickly....darkening, discoloration, etc.

    I will say that the orange you can a t least wear year round...I reserve white bags for summer only , but I'm a bot of a traditionalist when it comes to fashion.
  4. I am trying to find a white bag. My SA tells me I'm next on the list for a white 30...but, of course, who knows when that will be! Anyway, my point is...I love the look of black and white in the winter. Of course, keep in mind, winter here is only about 6 weeks!
  5. I saw a PM and an MM white Poicotin the other day, they are so sweet and it's a good Hermes option to take the plunge in white. I would go for the PM model - less chance of bumping and marking it. I am always worried about marking the handle - I have a gold MM Picotin so I try and carry it on my forearm. I have also seen though not recently, a white Picotin with orange lining the handles and orange trim.

    There's a white Lindy in Nice Hermes, the SA said it was the smaller size 30cm?