The Picollo......more info please

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  1. I am interested in the Picollo and I was wondering...

    1. Does it come in more than one size?
    2. What can you fit in it?
    3. How do you like it?

  2. It only comes in one size. I wanted to use if for pens, I would guess you can fit about 4-5 pens if they are thin ones.
  3. I remember dou.dou. saying she uses this instead of her Karo, so I was really wondering how much you could fit in it.

    Im really surprised H only makes one size. I'd atleast expect a PM & GM.
  4. Yah, I put my lip glossing, pen, lip balm, hand lotion etc into it, Karo is a little bit larger when I am using my 30cm Birkin.
  5. Really? Hand lotion too? I think I have to get one of these!!!
  6. I have one in Rose Shocking. In it, are 3 pens. I don't ever feel safe having pens loose inside my H bags.
  7. I use it for change. Love it!
  8. Two pens and a lipstick! Like Mrs. S. I don't have having loose pens in an H bag. It also keeps the lipstick very easy to find; in fact, I've been thinking of getting a second picollo just for lipstick so I can have one just for pens. It is very handy and useful.
  9. Oh, wow! I always thought the piccolo (wait, that's the musical instrument, right? :P was too small to fit more than 1 pen. I would love to have a colorful leather H pen case! The BeBops always looked too big and unwieldy to me.
  10. It seems that it would be perfect to house my son's EPI pen and in Rose Shocking certainly easy to get at quickly. Thank you for opening my eyes to yet another wonderful and necessary H item:tup:
  11. ITA it sounds like something I could use since I never carry loose pens in my Kellys
  12. These are such cute little cases. It is too bad that the pencils that H sells are too large initially to fit in

    H also makes single and double pen/pencil cases (Nicole I and Nicole II)



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  13. I have a turquoise one that I use for pens, pencils and a fingernail file (for unexpected accidents). I adore it! Ask your SA to search one out. I also saw one on one of the approved internet sellers very recently (I think it was luxury something).
  14. Luxury Portal had 2 picollos - violet and rose shocking. The violet one disappeared yesterday but the rose shocking one was still there this morning.
  15. ^^^Violet is gone???? Oh yeah....thats b/c I bought it last night!!! Yay, already got email notification that it was shipped out w/tracking #.

    Shocking pink is nice too, but as you can see from my signature, I've really been wanting something violet. Plus, my Karo is already Shocking Pink.