The Picky Eater...Anyone else have a cat who should be a restaurant critic?

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  1. I'm hoping someone here can give me some advice. This isn't a big problem, but my kitten (well, cat, I suppose, since he's just over a year old now) is such a fussy eater.
    Colin is a half Ragdoll and I've had him since he was eight weeks old.
    His original owner (I mean Colin's mum's owner) told me he would eat Whiskas kitten food or coley/cod fillets - also that he was a bit of a piglet!
    So - to make him feel special on his first day with me, I gave him cooked chicken. He has refused to eat anything else since. Which I wouldn't mind, but I'm worried he won't get all the correct nutrients (I also give him the occasional bowl of cat milk which he loves...if he's in the right mood), also that he can sometimes go for a whole day without eating more than a couple of mouthfuls. I have tried everything from normal cat food, to gourmet cat food, to cooked beef, kipper.....Colly just looks at the bowl, looks at me and backs up fast as if I'm about to poison him:P
    He's in good health, been vet-checked, is an indoor cat and a general sloth...I often work from home and I swear he doesn't move from the armchair from the moment I start work until I log off!
    Has anyone successfully 'retrained' their cat to act like a normal cat at meal times?
    Thank you!
  2. My kitty will eat anything and everything so I can't help you there, but I just had to say that your thread title made me LOL :biggrin:
  3. My cat's a pretty picky eater when it comes to canned food (he eats half canned, half dry). Pretty much the only brand of canned he'll eat is TikiCat, which is essentially chunks of fish or meat in a can. They make a few chicken flavors which are shredded cooked chicken with added vitamins/nutrients.. have you tried that?
    My cat will also hunger strike if he doesn't like the canned food I give him. I'll take away his dry food until he finishes his canned (half because it's better for him, and half because it was expensive and I don't want to waste it!), and I've seen him go a day or two without eating. He'll also scratch around the food bowl like it's his potty if he REALLY doesn't like it!
  4. Hi Clever --

    I had a very sick cat during the year who nearly died along with his appetite. He got down to skin and bones and still is pretty scrawny. To get him eating again, which did take a lot of determination, our vet gave us this very smelly cat food. Like incredibly, make you vomit smelly. It was some kind of pasty salmon stuff. Maybe ask your vet?
  5. :lol: @ the title
  6. my sasha prefers dry food than wet food. i am trying to correct her diet....she just got here last saturday.
    i don't want to starve her so i leave some dry food (only like half full) and half can of wet food. she'd eat all the dry and eat some wet food. and yesterday (i am not proud of myself) i forgot to leave dry food b/c i was going to do it right before i leave the house but i forgot. so she only got the wet food + water. when i came home, she cleaned the bowl. i think when they are hungry...they'd eat. but i would do it gradually...i've read their stomach is very sensitive.
  7. Yup.. one of our cats was like that.. he had surgery and vet said if he won't eat cat food give him cooked chicken and rice.. which he loved! After that he wouldn't eat anything else!! So for a few days I put his normal cat food down for about 20 mins in the morning.. at first he just sat there and looked at me like "Are you kidding mom? Where's my chicken and rice?????!?!!" So I take it away and put it back down when I came home from work.. again he just looked at me and didn't eat anything! I repeated it for about a week (with abundance of water in his drinking fountain) and he finally got the idea that that was the only food he was getting so he ate it eventually... and now he eats whatever I give him and gets chicken as a treat! Perseverance is the key! Good luck!!
  8. Are you giving him any vitamin supplements (paste)? Taurine is essential to a cat's health and he may not be geting enough. He also needs adequate calcium.

    I had a cat who refused to eat cat food of any kind.
  9. I have had this for 17 years (sorry it doesn't get any better!!). My cat Oscar has always been fussy and quite disinterested in food. I have to feed him separately because otherwise our current other cat (and several past cats who he has outlived!) would eat everything.

    When he was young he would go for up to week without eating anything at all. My vet, who told me that no cat has ever starved himself to death, would give him an intra-muscular shot of valium every so often to make him start eating again! This was just a fad that lasted a couple of years and now he does eat regularly but is very fussy.

    He used to always love dry food, but now doesn't eat it at all, so I have to give him canned food twice a day. I just find a flavour that he likes and will scoff down a couple of days in row and then he decides he doesn't want that one any more. He will not eat human food EVER if it is put into bowl. He does sometimes take delicate little slices of chicken, steak or prawns from my fingers!

    It's not just what he eats, it also how he eats. Breakfast has to be served outdoors! He won't eat his morning food inside, but dinner on the other hand is always inside! If I put his breakfast down inside, he screams at the door until I put it out! Also, he only likes a flat plate (no bowls - he has a bit of a flat face being Himalayan) and his food has to be well mashed and formed into a little hill.

    We have had lots of other cats and they have all been normal, so I don't think it is my "parenting". My husband would probably disagree! Now that Oscar is 17, I don't think I can change him!

    My mother is worse with her cat! She will sometimes open several flavours at once to offer a buffet to him!!

    Good luck, but I think you just need to get used to it!
  10. ^^^ You may be right!
    I have tried AD Prescription food (smelt disgusting, but is supposed to appeal to the picky eater....)Colin's reaction? Look at the bowl, look up at me, look back at the bowl (if he had eyebrows, they would've been raised), back speedily away, ears slicked back in disgust.
    I've tried Applaws, Gourmet, even that totally natural home-cooked organic cat food that costs almost a mortgage payment.....he just isn't interested.
    All my other cats are so grateful they have regular meals (everyone but Colin is a rescue cat), they polish their plates clean at every meal....
    bnjj Great idea about a vitamin supplement - if I can persuade him to eat it.
    I've also tried leaving his food down for 20 minutes and then not feeding him again til the next meal time - the thing is, he just doesn't care!
    Maybe I should just accept that's the way he is, after all he is healthy and happy (I am the one who is turning into one of those neurotic cat women!).
  11. Yep, my cat has changed brands so often because she gets fed up and often decides that she doesnt want to eat a particular flavour. Lately apparantly she refuses to eat Trout, next week it could be something different.

    My other cat will eat anything, including his bowl if we let him!
  12. After my female died, I realized I had gotten them ALL into a bad habit. We fed them the same thing, every day, and rarely any wet food. Because I had NOT introduced variety into their lives, it was hard to find or get her to eat anything towards the end of her time with us.

    After her death, I vowed I would not let my boys get to the same point, so we rotate different wet food (once a week or once every 2 weeks) and we also rotate brands and tastes of dry food. I don't want them to become accustomed to only one brand, or only one taste like Belldandy was.