The Pickup Artist

  1. Anyone watch it? I'm hooked. There is a 45 year old virgin on there.

    Mystery isn't really attractive but there is just something about him. Maybe its the confidence or the way he looks at people.
  2. That spoon guy was so funny when he was like, "hi im from japan" :roflmfao:

    My husband was like, so to be popular w/girls you have to wear eyeliner and ridiculous jackets..

    that 45 yr old virgin was ridiculous "how'd your family do in katrina?" ....all of the guys were funny
  3. I find the guys who are learning how to be pick up artists more attactive than the actual pick up artists. Mystery looks creepy!

    I am not into any guys trying to pick me up at bars/parties. I would turn them all down. I usually have to know the guy first before any attaction begins. That's just me though.
  4. Well ladies.. I need a new reality show to watch so count me in lmao.
    When does it come on? I'm guessing VH1?
  5. On YOU KNOW I am watching this.l

    First off, let me say this. NONE, NOT ONE, of those "tactics" would work on me. Give me a break. If ANY of them approached me, I better be the one in the eyeliner and a big fluffy hat! I don't like to share my makeup and wardrobe!

    Second, Mystery makes a comment about how ridiculous the name "Spoon" is? Umm, hello?

    Next and I find this hard to believe but Mystery actually has written books on this subject. He used to be a magician or whatever. I think maybe he must be a hypnotist because I found his methods lacking. I mean his whole, make a woman feel bad about herself and you have her hooked. Telling that one chick "buy me a drink first". I bet they didn't show the parts where any woman turned the Three Stooges down. His sidekick with the skunk 'do?

    I bet they went to a place where they were doing casting for a less known dating show, and that's why those dingbat women were in there.

    As usual, I will be doing research on Mystery and Co, and post it. :roflmfao:
  6. you can read all about Mystery in this book called The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists. it's written by a journalist (I think?) who joined a workshop because he got an assignment to write about pick up artists, quickly became hooked, and apparently eventually overtook Mystery. it's pretty entertaining!

    some of my friends actually met Mystery and said he's really as good as urban legends claim... however, i think i'd just find him disturbing!
  7. I saw a fragment of it today. Its....cute. Refreshing from the usually desperate slutbags competing for one dude.

    That guys a virgin?! :wtf: There's no excuse the way women put out these days. All you have to do is rent a bmw. I felt bad because the producers made him the only 40-something in a house full of kids, basically.
  8. So I managed to catch the part where Mystery and his 2 peons enthralled the women at the bar.
    Ok first, are you kidding me? None of those 3 guys do a thing for me. I think I'd rather screw a chunk of wood then do ANYTHING with one of them. Who are these women? And where did the producers find them? I mean I find it a little hard to believe that all these women were practically throwing themselves on these guys from the minute they walked in. Were the women blind? And the things that Mystery and the 2 others were saying and doing.. Are you serious? Does this actually work on us women? If any guy came up to me and started acting that way to me then he would get a ***** look and a few obscenties from me and that's it. And especially that guy, the one with the skunk-do as Hubba has already said, puh-lease. Is this for real? I don't know, maybe I'm just too *****y to guys. I mean I don't care how drop dead gorgeous a guy is, I am not going to throw myself on him.
    Anyways, This is going to be a GREAT show.
    We're going to have lots and lots of fun in here ladies! ;)
  9. Hmmm I agree neither of those 3 guys did anything for me either but the only thing I could think of that was different is they went in at the end of the night when the girls were more liquored up so maybe they didn't look SO bad after a night of drinking? hehehee.
  10. OMG, I just watched this, and I totally know one of the contestant guys. We used to work together. So weird.
  11. hahah, thats hilarious!!! little awkward, but wierd...

    I agree with everyone else in that Mystery and his 2 side kicks do NOT do a thing for me! Theyre hideous.. I cant stand him, he's like a Criss Angel wannabe.. nevertheless, I will still be watching the show.:graucho:
  12. Soo.. can you say his techniques have improved? :graucho:
  13. :tup: Me too!! I'd take a shy genuine guy over a sleazebag with an Allston Beat/Dungeons & Dragons/1999 Rave style outfit ANY day! BTW LOVED the Asian guy's teddy bear t ****!:nuts: so cute.

    I read more about the Mystery Method (GAG) and it's just as lame as it sounds; pretty much put a girl down, throw her off, confuse her and try to get into bed with her. :rolleyes:
  14. I don't know what Pradeep is doing there.

    Any guy with the aplomb to introduce himself as a "transient, vagabond mathematician" does not need to attend social skills bootcamp.
  15. OMG I caught this show at like 2 in the morning the other night and it is hysterical :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: