The pic that inspired me to get that 05 black day >>>

  1. It was after innocently sitting in my hairdressers chair earlier this year and flicking through the salon's Lucky magazine that my eyes literally popped out of their sockets....:drool:

    And that below pic stayed with me right up until I finally got one last night.

    (I had wanted one before seeing this pic but this REALLY put me into overdrive)....

    ps. this is the mag pic below. My girlfriend MAILED IT to me today since I said I wanted it (I never bought the magazine but remembered the picture so clearly)...
    DSC03042.jpg DSC03011.jpg
  2. OMG Karen, this is too funny!!!! I saw that pic on Saturday in Lucky at MY hairdresser!!! I tried to find the pic online and I was going to email it you. lol!! :nuts:
  3. Isn't that funny how a pic of a bag can have that much impact on you? I saw it and thought the same thing. Very hot. Model it for us!!! :nuts:
  4. what!!!! Oh that is hilarious!!!!!!!

  5. I have noticed a few girls mention this very picture. I am sure Lucky mag received a few calls from readers wanting to know what the bag was....
  6. I love day bbags and that black is gorgeous!!! CONGRATS!
  7. i saw that picture too -when i was sitting in the waiting room, wearing MY black day too! it made me chuckle, quietly to myself. i love whenever i see a "celebrity" wearing a b-bag. i would love my black day no matter who wears it or where it came from - it rocks
  8. ^^ awe, that's sooooooo sweet :love:
  9. Congrats!! Lets see some modeling pics.
  10. I love the bag, congrats!
  11. i can see how it inspired you! the leather looks so yummy in the pic! (and I'm sure in real life as well!)
  12. ME TOO! I just thought that bag looked like the absolute perfect bag for me when I saw that pic. So I got one!
  13. Ok, I feel so dumb and I shouldnt, but I am going to tell you all something.

    When I opened the pic of the bag up against the mirror, before realizing it was a mirror in the background I thought "since when does the Day have 2 straps"

    Derrrrrrrrrr :lol:
  14. ha ha!!! I can't imagine how many women that one seemingly innocent picture must have inspired!! :yes:
  15. What issue of Lucky did it appear? Thanks!