The Phone case club!

  1. iPhone owning LV lovers united! :upsidedown:

    I have the monogram case. Might get one of the Epi cases in the future.
  2. ^^
    Congrats!!! It looks nice! I have an iPhone also, but I use the mini pochette to carry it in.
  3. Speaking of iPhones: How do you all like them? I've been considering one, but the hype is kind of turning me off.
  4. OMG I got mine about 5 days ago and I am OBSESSED with it. Its amazing. I love it so much. Its kind of freaky how many cool things it does. I have in my IPHONE currently:

    4 Episodes of Americas Next Top Model
    10 Albums (could put more but dont need that many)
    4 Music Videos
    Podcasts, Pictures from my last family trip and more.

    I can surf the net, play games, really anything. GET ONE!!!
  5. Selena said it all :yes: It's not a phone, it's phone/ipod/video/diary and a tiny laptop.
    Both me and DH have one and love it :heart:

    PS Selena, I loved the pictures of your pretzels so much that I had to look for somebody making the same yummy things in the uk :roflmfao:
  6. I just got mine yesterday...still trying to figure the thing out! In the meantime, I've got mine in an LV cigarette case - I read somewhere on here that it would fit, and I happened to have one lying around...
  7. I've had my iPhone for about two months, I think, and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I got it!!! I was in a sandwich shop last week and it had free wi-fi, so I was actually looking at tPF! While I was eating my sandwich, the guy next to me was having an argument while talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone and he was really loud!! I can't believe he would have such a private type of conversation for the whole world to hear!!!

    I pulled out the headphones, turned up the volume on my iPhone and started to watch a free episode of "Everybody Hates Chris" that I had downloaded off of iTunes. It was great! And the episode was funny and I didn't have to listen to the guy next to me!!!

    If you don't want to spend the money on the LV iPhone case, an alternative would be the iSkin by Revo case. I think it's about $40 and comes in many colors (I got the blue case.) It doesn't have a belt clip, but it's a great case and since I carry the iPhone in my purse or mini pochette, I don't need a belt clip.
  8. Is the LV iphone case really useful/practical? I bought myself an iphone a few weeks ago and picked up a case for it in the store. It allows me to use the iphone while in its protective case, AND, it helps cushion it if (God forbid) I should drop it. I'm concerned that the LV case wouldn't do either. Opinions?
  9. Glad you got your iPhone!!! Congrats!!
  10. Hey guys! I'm new to this forum...I got my iPhone case about two weeks ago only to discover that the glaze seal around the case would tear when the case was squeezed slightly! I took it in, and my sales associate checked another monogram canvas case and it did the same thing. The Epi and Taiga leather cases, however, did not tear. So they sent out the cases to quality control. It's horrible. I loved my LV iPhone case. Anyways, check to see if the glaze sealing tears by the slightest pressure. My SA told me a week ago that they did indeed have a defect and now supposedly they are pulling out the monogram cases from the stores until they rectify the situation. I hope all of your cases are okay though!
  11. How much do the Iphone cases cost? I will be getting an Iphone in February when my contract is up with Verizon and would love to have an LV case to put it in.
  12. The Monogram Canvas case is $225 USD. The Epi and Taiga Leather cases are $260 USD. I forgot the exact price of the alligator skin one, but I think it is around $1,200 USD.
  13. here is red epi case had it since early november
    iphone case 043.JPG iphone case 042.JPG
  14. Hey! Just out of curiosity, what's your case's date code? Mine was made on the 44th week of this year.