The Phil Spector Trial

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  1. Has anyone else been watching?

    It's not looking good for Phil...
  2. he scares me. . . I haven't been watching but I am familiar w/ the trial.

  3. Yeah, he freaks me out, I know I shouldn't pre-judge, but he looks guilty (espcially with that hair)
  4. his history is what freaks me out.
    He has a history of hatred towards women and wielding guns in front of people.:shocked:
  5. His defense lawyers are making a huge mistake. They were bullying a hispanic witness in the trial (the chauffeur who is an important witness). This trial is in Southern California. I wonder how many hispanic jurors there are on that panel? Not good.
  6. I hope they lock him up in an all woman's prison!!
  7. His haircut makes him look like a sicko.
  8. The sad part is that the defense attys are going to slag the victim. It's coming. Mark my words.

    I get paid to study juries and I can tell you that the humiliating way the defense team treated the chauffeur along with the way (I believe) they will try to portray the victim is not going to help Spector gain ANY sympathy from the jury.
  9. Lana did nothing wrong.....she seems to have no skeletons in her closet...just lot's of sad friends.
  10. they always seem to find something. . .
    it's disgusting:yucky:
  11. I think the next couple days will be interesting. They bullied the chauffeur today and I think the next step will be to go after the victim; who by all accounts was a kind and respectable person.
  12. i remember reading an article about it in vanity fair not long after it happened and it did sound like hed been set up. but im in the UK so i havent really been following the trial.