The PF without the marketplace is like..........

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  1. Peanutbutter without jelly:cry: Dont get me wrong I really enjoy spending time here, but it just dosent have that same ~*WOW*~ that it use to have. Any one feeling like this? Maybe its just B-O-R-E-D-O-M talking:shame:
  2. I miss it too. Granted, I only sold one thing (thanks Envyme!). I didn't get a chance to purchase anything but I do miss seeing what others had to offer and what people here were looking for to purchase.

    I would like to see it come back in the future but if not, I'll still be here.
  3. I miss it too.....sniff....
  4. I miss TM soooo much I could :cry: Even when I wasn't buying/selling I loved to look at all the great stuff passing hands. I hate ebay....
  5. dude, I AM NOT missing the drama that it brought! LOL!
    In theory, it rocked!
    In reality, it was soooo much work and headache :sad:
  6. Although I never got around to buying or selling anything it was a nice feature. I have quite a few bags I'd like to sell now, but I don't want to get involved with ebay. It would be nice to have the Marketplace to unload my bags.
  7. I miss it as well....I loved looking at what was being offered, and I loved it when a member found something that made them happy! :sad:
  8. I miss it too.:sad:
  9. Same here.
  10. Yep I bet Swanky, the other mods, Vlad and Megs are glad its gone! But I sure miss it!
  11. I was too new to see the Marketplace but from what I understand from everyone, it was a safer, friendlier place to buy/sell our beloved bags! :yes:

    I'm pretty scared of buying bags on ebay from "unknown" sellers. Sure, "caveat emptor" in any transaction is critical, but utilizing the Marketplace would sure make the whole process less stressful.
  12. I love the PF sooo much but I have not been on as much as I used to. The MP was so fab. I wish it would come back too!
  13. agree!!!!!!:noworry:
  14. I was just going to say the same....I bet the ones that DO NOT miss it are the moderators...still irritates me that all it takes is a few bad ruin it for the rest of us. The funny thing is I actually sent a few bags to members, DID NOT take payment until they looked at the piece and made sure they were happy and THEN they sent payment. I had no problems, it was all based on me crazy.
  15. i love the PF so much! and i do miss the marketplace at times... but my cc is thanking me at the moment!!!
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