The Pf Jills Went To Saks Trunk Show....

  1. A GREAT BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wtf::tdown:
    hardly ANY bags,they said the trunk show was so early that they didnt get them in for the show(WTF?!)...saw purple metallic..I didnt like although Jillybean did dig that bag!
    the new beige jumbo in lambskin was OK....the new chain was REALLY LIGHT..but felt cheap to me in all honesty.I was pretty disappointed.Felt like plastic!!:throwup:
    I DID however order 2 pairs of KICKASS shoes from had big silver CC's on top of foot with black leather trim and a pair of cute loafers too.Damian,the SA, said he took pics of the bags for u ill have him post them for u.
    I didnt like much.....but they had a pretty skimpy selection to begin with....
  2. Jill, I know what you mean about the new chain. I did get a black lambskin jumbo before the holidays and thought I was imagining things about the chain feeling plastic-y. I'm glad I'm not the only one. *sigh*
  3. Yeah, I talked to Damian today. He was totally bummed about the lack of bags at the trunk show. However, even the Chanel on East 57th St. had very few bags to show at their trunk show. I guess that's the trouble with being the first to have the bags to show, you might not have them all.
  4. I saw a better selection of spring chanel bags in this months HARPERS mag!LOL!Im buying 2 I saw in that magazine!My SA in FLA is looking them up as we speak!
  5. Thanks Jill - always look forward to your post and appreciate you eyeballing whats out there :smile:
  6. Oh...They did have a flap with the sparkles in it...DID NOT like it much...kinda cheap lookin for a CHANEL bag IMHO...
  7. ^^ aww jill that kinda sucks... you would think that they woul.d properly plan for these things lol

  8. Hmmm, yea, it's a big disappointment if only a few bags were displayed for the trunkshow. I would rather the boutique/department store to hold the trunkshow later if the majority of items could not come in time for the customers' preview. :push:
  9. ^u would think!!
    they had 2 CHANEL models walkin around in the clothes and we heard them even saying that it was DEAD at this wonder!NOTHING TO SEE!
    I ended up buying my 11 yr old a juicy bag and wallet to fill the shopping void...ROFLMAO!
  10. From the few pics I've seen (south's post), it's all about the classics for S/S. Thanks for sharing, Jill! What bags in Harper's have you interested? (I'm going on vacation this week and plan to pick up a few magazines LOL)
  11. I want that bag in the Bazaar! Hot hot, The bag for me will be the red coco' puzzle cracked patent!!!!
  12. ^ haha, I saw that thread bumped up and figured a newbie had just found Sharpies! going over to look now :p
  13. oh those bags are soooo cute!


  14. like the coral bag!