The PF Hermes Croc Authentication Guide! PART ONE

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  1. Please read the other thread on this matter if you need an explanation of what this is. :smile:

    Okay, welcome to Hermes croc, 101 (sorry, you can take the teacher out of the classroom but, well, you know...)
    Some general things will be posted on this thread and the more sensitive details will be sent in part 2 via pm. If you’d like to read part 2, please respond to this thread by adding your user name in the text box. This just makes it easier to copy and paste it in the pm form. Please do not pm this info to anyone, or send it in an e-mail. The info is for members of this board and saying this is all I can do to prevent it getting into the wrong hands. In this case, I feel that the info. is most important.

    Here are some important things to consider before we look at the bags.

    1. Right now, Hermes croc is extremely difficult to get. Many boutiques are only receiving 8-10 exotic pieces (not just Birkins) per season. For the most part, croc bags are now being reserved for VIP clients and regular customers. It IS possible to find a croc Birkin on the shelves or by asking but it is extremely rare.

    2. If you have an Hermes croc Birkin and are unsure of authenticity, do not trust ONLY the opinion of an Hermes SA. Many SA’s are not well versed in authentication. Some are, some aren’t. And I’ve heard that they will not comment at all on a bag, even if they know it’s fake. If you want to be sure, ask to have your initials put on the bag, or to have the bag refurbished.

    3. Hermes is EXTREMELY consistent with details but SOME things will vary. Here are some examples: Because the bags are hand made, stitching should not look TOO perfect or machine created. Also, I’ve known the measurements of Birkins to vary ever so SLIGHTLY. So, don’t get out your measuring tape and try to authenticate that way. Also, stamps will not always be in the EXACT spot from one Birkin to another. They were placed there by hand and nothing done by hand can be absolutely 100% identical to another specimen. This is what we love about Hermes bags. They are perfect and special in their slight variations.

    Now, onto the details and certain variables that are always constant. Some are large and easy to spot. Some require some slight detective work. To authenticate properly, all of these key details need to add up. More than once, I’ve looked at a bag quickly and not carefully and thought it was fine. Only after looking at close-ups and considering the details, did I realize that it was actually fake. Some fakes are very good at capturing that “overall” good Birkin look. But they will always fail in the details, especially with croc.

    Generally, authenticating Hermes Croc Birkins (and Kellys, too) can be done by paying close attention to three “S” variables. These variables are Shape, Skin and Straps (which also includes clochette and lock) (But I can’t resist that little S thing!)

    If ONE variable is off, the whole bag is off. It’s impossible for a bag that has the right shape and skin pattern, but straps that are not consistent with the way Hermes always makes them, to be real. Each time. Every time.

    Hermes uses two types of croc skins: Porosus and Niloticus. I’m not going to get into the differences too much in this guide because that is already on our board in the reference thread. In the pm, you will only see examples of Niloticus crocs to keep it consistent. Niloticus, with its scale pattern that is less subtle than porosus, is HARDER to authenticate. So, we’ll deal with the more difficult stuff! Why not? Also, we’re going to compare apples to apples that way. Porosus presents an even finer look, so bad porosus is much easier to spot. You will also see examples of both shiny glazed croc, and matte croc.

    Okay then, it’s on to the three “Esses” of Hermes croc. If you can learn to spot these, you’ll be much better equipped to make authentication decisions. Thanks a million to 24, Faubourg for finding the pictures and stating the facts. I’ve only added to her expertise and did the copy. So, she gets the credit.

    In the pm, all pictures are linked to save space....and now, on to the good stuff. Again, respond to this thread with your user name if you want to read on. If we don’t get to you right away, it’s only a time thing. Regular board posters get the guide at first. If you’re new and would like it, join our board and stay awhile. You’re then totally welcome to see it. This is just for safety. Part two pm's will probably go out tomorrow morning. The mods are going to let an intrest list build up for easier distribution. (Also, the guide is not THAT long.) I had some pm size retrictions. Hopefully, you'll think it's a good start and helpful.
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