The petrol spy I bought, is an imitation... I am so sad

  1. Dear all, I finally have all three spies with me now.

    I received the cognac a couple of weeks ago, and collected the zucca and the petrol today.

    The cognac and zucca are lovely, but unfortunately the petrol is a fake.

    I am so crushed and sad.

    The seller put in an authentic receipt from Bloomingdales for a spy bag. But it is so wrinkled and crushed.

    However, the spy I received was different from the real McCoy in that:
    1. The smell is different. Smells like regular calf leather
    2. The braiding on the handles are so rough. The sides of each leather strip is not sealed, instead it looks like someone drew two black lines on the sides of each leather strip.
    3. The leather is rather shiny. It has bubbles in some areas and then a whole strip of wrinkles in others.

    The eBay description can be found here.

    I've written to the seller telling him that it is a fake and I have also raised a dispute in paypal.

    I'm devastated. I am so sad I can't think of anything else.
  2. That sucks------ I'm sorry- if it's ANY consolation- the first ever LV wallet I bought was a fake.....eBay is scary but thank goodness for this place- I love all our experts in the AUTHENTICATE threads--- they are Angels!!!
  3. Wow! I am so sorry to hear about your bag. That looks like a good fake. You just never know. I hope the Seller will refund you your money.
  4. I'm sorry for you! I know how you feel, I recieved a fake chanel last week. you did the right thing filing a dispute, good luck on getting you money back!
  5. I wrote to the seller to inform her that the bag is a fake and this is the response I received:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Your accusation is completely incorrect. I also have several Fendi bags. I sell luxury bags, and never have issues with authenticity. All of my bags are from my personal collection. You will see from my feedback and eBay history that I have never had any problems selling luxury bags. The bag you received is authentic, and the receipt you received is for that bag. I bought this bag for more than US$2000.

    If you want to take this further, please go ahead. Your accusation is incorrect, we have photographic evidence and transaction histories. We will challenge any inaccurate feedback claims that you make.

    Finally, I would like to make you aware that I have done a lot of trading over the Internet, and have had several traders behaving unfairly towards me, like you. I have been successful in highlighting their fraudulent behaviors and have resolved each case in my favour, including the use of lawyers. I am ready to challenge any false accusations that you make, as I am honest, and I sent you a real Fendi bag.

    What can I do about this?
    I will take photographs of the bag shortly.
  6. OMG this happened to me as well - but the buyer was quick to take the bag back - i can imagine how u feel, i know you must feel so drained but dont loose hope - i think you should get help fron the experts... did u get it authenticated in the auth thread?? if not do it now and ask fendi experts as to what you should do -- i hope this gets resolved! gud luk
  7. I just took some photos, however the battery went flat midway. I am waiting for the battery to be recharged so I can upload the photos.

    While I was taking the photos, I noticed that the bag sits lopsided as well. That's another sign right? And the frame of the spy pouch is sticking out from under the leather flap.

    I feel really crummy.
  8. I'm pretty sure that bag is authentic, unless you think the one pictured in the auction is not the one you received (that would be a different story).
  9. Further, all the things you mention that make it not real all sound consistent with an authentic bag to me. Some spys are shinier than others. I would expect them to smell like calf leather since I think that is what they are made of (what do the other two smell like?). There should be black lines on the edges of the leather -- it's called antiquing, and is one of the details that fakes usually miss.
  10. Thanks, Kav. I noticed that BagLady already authenticated this one for her when she bought it.
  11. Litigatrix,

    While I wait to load the photos shortly, I am very concerned with the antiquing most of all.

    Each strip has a black stripe on each side, but the raw part is still light grey, not nicely sealed like what I see on the cognac spy bag.

    Is the petrol spy bag any different in make than the regular spy?

    I also notice that the clasp of the pouch is more curved and thicker than the other two spies.
  12. I'd like to see your pics, but I'm still quite certain your bag is authentic. Sometimes there are slight differences between two bags. I just checked my petrol spy, and the edges on the woven part are also somewhat gray. I bought it from Saks, and I also consider myself an expert in these things, so I know it is authentic, just like your bag. I'm not sure what you're describing with the clasp of the pouch. I'm still convinced that your bag is authentic.
  13. Thank you for your quick reply.

    Here are pics of the parts which I am concerned about.


    the handles- raw edges


    spy wand, raw edges of the leather as well

    the authenticity tag


    I really want to believe it's an authentic piece.

    I'll post pictures of the leather when it's uploaded.
  14. This bag is definitely authentic. I hope you write a nice apology to your seller and close your paypal claim. Congrats on your beautiful and rare petrol spy.