The persuasive allure of the stiletto!

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  1. I took my Nude VP's out today for their virgin soiree into the real world. I went to the hardware store and dropped off my UPS returns. I live in a town situated in the midwest that isn't tiny but my no means a booming metropolitan area.

    The good ol' boys saw me walk in with my stilts on, their mouths hung open. Let's just say service couldn't have been better, i.e. "let me help you miss, boy those shoes are something else!!" I'll SAY!!:graucho:
    Anyway here is my reveal with Mr. Rufus's approval as well!

  2. Gorgeoussss! And yeah, stilettos do raise the level of service/attention from men to a whole new level!
  3. They are definitely stunning!!!! :tup: :tup: :tup:
  4. TY my dear Shoe Twin!!
  5. I feel like I found some magical potion with HUGE benefits!
  6. Thats lovely! Men are so simple, in the nicest possible way. I love that they are so predictable. :amuse:

    I wore a pair of hot, rocking shoes to a party before Xmas and I was in absolute agony so I went back to the car and swapped them for flats.......within 2 minutes of returning to the party I had a married male friend ask me where my stilettos were with the zipper down the back (yes he knew all the details) and then he told his wife she should get a pair like them :lolots:.

    Little did he know I would have given them to her....they were SO painful! :nogood:
  7. Beautiful!!! I love nude VPs!
  8. gorgeous, susie! i love your chloe bag, too!
  9. Your shoes are gorgeous! I just love nude VP's!
    It's funny, before I started wearing CLs guys never noticed my shoes. Now, I get more genuine compliments from men than women about them!
  10. Woody I'm a 39.5-40? If your "zipper" CL's are in that range send them across the pond to me.

    Ladies thank you all for the nice compliments on my nude VP's. If any of you remember I lamented about finding a pair of these CL's without being on some hairy waiting list. The members of this forum alerted me to Savannah's Boutique and poof? I had my shoes.

    Men are simple creatures. When I asked my husband if he like how I looked the other night (I was wearing the anthra glitter NP's) all he could do was shake his head up and down with a glassy look in his eye (power)!!!!!!!!
  11. too funny. are your VPs kid leather? my patent VPs came in the mail today and they are a little darker than i'd hoped. i dunno if they are considered the "new nude"? i dunno, but the box says nude.

    anyway it's true men notice them. no one at work said anything today about my black biancas until the CFO walked into the kitchen while i was toasting my breakfast. he called them my "ladder shoes" lol and then proceeded to talk about walking in soft ground since our parking lot is not big enough for everyone in the office and half of us have to cross a grassy hill to get to the building from the other lot. i told him that walking over the hill in those babies was just not happening. lol.

    /edit: nevermind, looks like you scored a patent pair from savannahshop. they were out of my size before i got there.
  12. No they're the nude patent vuitonamour (which apparently, only the boutiques carry the true nude?). There is a darker nude (beige?) that NM and Saks carries. I love both colors honestly.
  13. gorgeous! i love nude VP's . . . i keep trying to buy the ones with nude tips and David keeps having to talk me back from the edge by telling me that i don't need 3 pairs of identical shoes, except for the tips . . . :sweatdrop:
  14. Love them!!! They look amazing on you, so glad you got them.
  15. susie, love the nude shoes and THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR! Getting tons of attention and care because of stunning shoes!
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