The Person Below Me!

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  1. no

    did you get a package in the mail today?
  2. yes....daughter's halloween costume

    did you get a bill today?
  3. No.

    What time did you wake up today?
  4. 5:40AM

    same q
  5. 5:20am.

    What is your zodiac sign?
  6. Aries

    same q
  7. Gemini

    Planning on working out today?
  8. Yes.

    Name of the nail polish you are currently wearing?
  9. OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

    What's for dinner?
  10. leftover burrito

    what are you doing tomorrow?
  11. Work..possibly go out for a bike ride afterwards.

    Same Q.
  12. I have a bday party with the kids to attend

    Are you going out for dinner tonight?
  13. Yes, not sure where to..

    What are your weekend plans?
  14. Taking my kids to a bday party tomorrow then Sunday is my bday :smile:

    Did you drink coffee today?

  15. Happy (early) Birthday! :smile:


    What purse are you carrying today?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.