The Person Below Me!

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  1. SO.

    What is/was for lunch?
  2. Grilled cheese with the kiddos

    Did you do laundry today?
  3. yes

    did you fold clothes today?
  4. Nope.

    Did you work out today?
  5. No...but will do so tomorrow.

    Describe your current mood?
  6. Still trying to wake up on my way to work.

    Same q?
  7. Yes

    Did you go to dinner with friends tonight?
  8. Nope.

    How long were you stuck in traffic for today?
  9. not long.....took the street.....ten minutes

    how long does it take for you to get to work?
  10. About 20 or so minutes.

    Same Q.
  11. 3-5 minutes

    Looking forward to the Iphone 5?
  12. No.

    What are your weekend plans?
  13. No plans ATM

    same q
  14. Not sure either..

    Last thing you wrote down?
  15. My husbands signature on a check lol

    Last thing you said aloud?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.