The Person Below Me!

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  1. Jeans...Grr thunder thighs!

    How do you eat Oreo's?
  2. split in half and it the filling part first

    same q
  3. Put them in a cup, fill with milk then eat with a spoon!

    Do you like garlic?
  4. Nope

    do you like purple onions?
  5. Yes

    What color is ur hair?
  6. Love red onions & brown hair

    What color purse are you carrying today?
  7. Black

    which purse are you using today?
  8. My Fendi Selleria

    Same ?
  9. Coach black madison shoulder bag

    same q
  10. Coach Kristin Woven Hobo

    Do you like relish?
  11. Yes on my hot dog

    What do u order to snack on at the movies?
  12. Popcorn

    Favourite CD?
  13. Best of Depeche Mode.

    Same Q.
  14. Elton John - Captain and the Kid

    Same q
  15. Don't have a favorite.

    Favorite food?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.