The Person Below Me!

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  1. Not too long

    Food allergies?
  2. No

    Same ?
  3. Thai

    Favorite breed of dog?
  4. None

    What are you doing?
  5. Watching Drop Dead Diva

    Ever seen it?
  6. ^^hello amiga linda :smile:

    No, what is it?
  7. Hola:hugs:

    Its a show on Lifetime

    Do you have lifetime channel?
  8. Yes, when I get to watch it!

    Ready for la "chamba" tomorrow? (work)
  9. Ok DDD is on Sunday's @9PM


    Had a good day?
  10. Sweet :smile:

    Ah, it was OOOOOO K.

    SAME ?
  11. I had funny family day when to Chilis

    Watch Keeping up with the Kardashians?
  12. No, poor ppl I cant tolerate them. :sad:

    Did u go to T Mobile?
  13. Friday

    Ops I do hehe

    In bed?
  14. On bed,yes

    Going to bed?
  15. That's me shortly

    Has a bunch of books they want to read
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.