"The Person Above Me" Thread

  1. So this is a game, and it's quite fun if you are bored (which I am because I'm trying to restrain myself from buying anything else online :[). Here's how it goes - When you post, make a comment (starting with "The person above me", abbreviated TPAM :]) about the person who posted above you.

    It can relate to who they are or what they said in the post. Or anything.

    Example -
    The person above me is a sweetheart :]

    Let's see how long we can play :P
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  2. The person above me is going to look FABULOUS in those cotton summer dresses!
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  3. The person above me is such a sweetheart!!
  4. Hehe - this person above me, i do not yet know, but she seems very sweet and nice to know!;)
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  5. i want the bag in the avatar of the person above me!
  6. Hmmm...

    The person above me has good taste in screennames?:P ("chicky" is a cute sounding screenname...reminds me of chickens, which are cute:P )

    Edit-Chicky was the person above me when I started writing...oh well
  7. hey now, i was next
  8. LOL:lol:

    TPAM thinks i'm a chicken and i want her avatar!:P
  9. The person above me has a very cute pet :biggrin:

    oops too slow, the person now above me lives in a great place!
  10. All of the people above me are very fast posters:P
  11. poor Amanda - the person above the person above the person above the person above me is one super moderator. (with a sassy bulldog)
  12. TPAM has fingers the speed of light - all of you!:lol:
  13. Good lord, Loganz (and whoever else manages to sneak in before my message is posted!) is fast too!
  14. TPAM x 4 lives somewhere i would love to go on holiday!
  15. The person above me lives where my grandmother is from.
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