The Perfect White Bag... what is it?

  1. I'm wanting to purchase a white Chanel handbag... but which one??

    Unlike my black or brown bags.... for me a white bag would be a "single bag" purchase. One bag to last for several years of seasonal use!! I would like it to be able to go from wearing it with capris to the grocery store - to a dress and out to dinner! Something that will stand the test of time, both in how easy care it is and well it wears as well as a timeless classic style that will remain "stylish" over the years.... since I don't intend on purchasing another for some time!!

    I'm 5'9....and ...well.. not as YOUNG in age. as many of you....(but youthful:yes:!)

    Which Chanel bag, in your opinion, is THE BEST white bag to own?
  2. I think for white it'd be some sort of style in caviar leather hands down! The other leathers in white are super gorgeous but may be too high maintenance.

    My picks would be White Caviar Jumbo Flap, a White GST, or a white Cerf tote (even though the cerf is deerskin).

    I'm thinking the white GST over the white cerf though since I think the GST would look "dressier" and less tote-like for evenings out.

    Can't wait to hear others' opinions and what you end up getting! Good luck with your decision! :biggrin:
  3. White GST is perfect.
  4. GST or Cerf - love both of them.
  5. White classic in jumbo size
  6. I love the white gst, grand shopping tote with silver hardwear. look in the reference or search white gst. It is a great bag day or night. let us know what you choose.
  7. I like the look of the diamond stitch tote in white. I'm not sure if that bag is even still available, I apologize if it isn't, but I think its a cute bag. Have a look in the reference library, and let us know what you think!
  8. I say either the white diamond stitch or the white caviar jumbo flap.
  9. White reissue!!!
  10. The white Caviar Jumbo Flap the perfect summer bag! You can dress it up or down and the caviar leather is very durable. The style of the bag is classic, so you won't have to worry about the bag going out of style after a few years. If you prefer a smaller bag, you can always go with the medium/large size, but at 5'9 I'm sure the Jumbo will look FAB on you!:smile:

  11. I agree !!
  12. I have to agree with a white classic Jumbo flap in caviar
  13. Thanks for all of your input! Sounds like the Jumbo flap.. or maybe GST are the top runners!! I love the look of BOTH of those!! (was thinking of getting the GST in the Fall in brown or bordeaux

    One bag I wondered about ... though it may be ?too casual? is the white luxury ligne tote. Does anyone have thoughts on it? What kind of leather is it?

    Needless to say, with a white bag my BIGGEST concern is color transfer etc...!!
  14. I'm on the list for a bordeaux GST this fall and can't wait! On the other hand, I saw a woman carrying around a white GST in really casual clothing and she looked FANTASTIC!!! What a GREAT bag :tup:.
  15. white jumbo flap for sure!! Classy and stylish!

    You cant really dress up for dinner with a gst or cerf.