The Perfect Wedge

  1. i have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of wedges. i just started a new job and i am on my feet a lot. i have been obsessing over the marc by marc jacobs patent wedges.:heart:

    but just found them on and the reviews are terrible! apparently they keep sliding off! i want them! but i want them for height and comfort. so please tell me you have them and love them.

    or else, please tell me where to find the perfect stylish and comfortable wedge. thank you!!!!

    here is link to shoes and reviews:
  2. I have these wedges in a gray suede, w/ leather trim; and I'm sorry to say but they do have a tendancy to slip. The only saving grace on mine is an ankle strap. I do love wearing them and they are comfortable, so to get them, I would suggest heel grips for these or even getting a more snug fit... HIH... :flowers:
  3. I have them in burgundy. They didn't slip too badly, although I have the flatter wedge in black and I did put grip pads in those. I thought they were pretty comfortable, oddly enough the higher ones were more comfortable than the lower ones. They are very high though and the platform is pretty tall, it took a little getting used to.

    I have the best black wedges from Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit, but they don't make that line anymore. It's a real shame, they were great shoes and sooo comfy.
  4. Also, if you're on your feet a lot, I might suggest a slightly lower wedge. Barney's Co-Op has a pair of black wedges that are only about 2.5 inches tall. I'm thinking of getting a pair myself, they're very cute IRL although I haven't tried them on.

    Here they are in black leather and black patent:
  5. i have the lower wedge version in rasberry and they slip off my heel too! i've purchased different types of pads, but none seem to work. i didn't know i shared the same problem. the shoes are so cute..but a bit difficult to walk in for long periods of time.
  6. smallpaperbird - Did you end up getting these? They are so cute!! I'm thinking of ordering them in the Raspberry, but the reviews seemed mixed as far as sizing so I was curious what you think of the fit, if you purchased them?
  7. love the Marc Jacobs wedge!!!!
  8. i have these from gucci and they are great for skinny jeans on the weekends or with slacks for work.
  9. i recently bought the BEST pair of Taryn Rose wedges and they are great. Sooooo comfy, great soft calfskin leather and pretty stylish as well.
    Best part was that I got them at NMLC for $60!!! Normally $240!!!!:yahoo:

    I'd definitely try on some wedges by Taryn Rose since they are well made and great for all day wear.
  10. Prada linea rosa wedges are so, so comfy. I have three pair...

    Right now they're mostly selling sandal wedges, but you can see a lot of others on eBay. Here's one from Saks, but I don't know if you can do an open-toe...

    At any rate, good luck with whatever you get.
    prada wedge.jpg
  11. i havent yet. the reviews kind of scared me off. i still think they're gorgeous.