The perfect wallet??


Dec 11, 2006
Hi everyone - any thoughts? I am on the search what to put in my handbag - I am looking for the travel wallet type but please give me any suggestions.....

my mum has a lovely prada patent leather one which is absolutely huge but you can't find these nowadays.

happy holidays
I just found a great betsey johnson checkbook wallet - kind of funky on the outside, gold leather lining on the inside. it's totally cute, and the best part about it? it has like 12 credit card slots, perfect for all my random out the selection at smartbargains? they often have some great designer stuff for pretty cheap.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions - I like the MJ zip clutch idea. I have seen it before and thought about it, so now just the question in which colour to get it.....
Thanks and happy new year
hope you all had nice holidays
I have a wallet by Bottega Veneta and its perfect! The leather, the design... and it's so beautiful and soft! I also have a seperate BV cardholder (because I don't like the idea of my ID and CC together) in the same brown woven leather :heart: