The perfect wallet (IMO) for the Balenciaga girl

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  1. hey, that's really rock-chiq! nice! :smile:
  2. i love it!!!its hot!!!
  3. ACK! I was just looking at that like 2 hours ago and thought it would go great with a certain twiggy :graucho: lol You're tempting me!!!
  4. Oh! One more question...what does it look like inside! ;)
  5. Roo that wallet is ROCKING!!!! :supacool:
  6. I'll try to get some photos of the inside in the morning and post them!
  7. thats what i want!!!! Actually either that one or this one....

  8. that wallet ROCKS!!!
  9. I forgot got to post this! I got it awhile back and I love it!!!
    :heart:Isabella Fiore and Balenciaga:heart:

  10. I have that wallet too..........Love it and Isabella Fiore..
  11. that is so funny! i almost bought that on Zappos last night!!!!

    such a cute wallet! hmmmm........i would need a black bbag to put it in!
  12. msflutter- or a red one!!!
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