The Perfect Tote from NM

  1. The Perfect Tote in perforated white goat leather. $1525
    Shoes $525.

    From NM Catalog F1106
  2. ^ooh! Me Like!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Love the shoes. Saw them yesterday at NM's.
  4. Cute bag!! i like!
  5. love the shoes!!!
  6. love the shoes :heart:
  7. Not terrible, but I'm not a big fan...*runs* :ninja:
  8. Love them both! :yes:
  9. Love shoes.
  10. I like the tote and the shoes. OT, Bagzilla are you the same seller from ebay? Just curious.
  11. The sandals I LOVE!

    The bag I saw at Chanel the other day. They had it in black and it was very big and very stiff. It looked exactly like a diaper bag or a beach bag to me.
  12. Does anyone have the item number for this tote? Can you order from just the catalog number? TIA!
  13. These Chanel perforated bags just aren't for me. :shrugs:
  14. bella, my NM had a few last week, I can give you my SAs # if you like.
  15. It's OK but not one of my faves.