The Perfect Thank You Gift

  1. Hello everyone, first let me apologize if this is in the wrong section. I post often, but rarely start threads. Please feel free to move this if I started it in the wrong place.

    Okay, I have a situation that needs expert tpf help. I have seen some threads on gifts for SAs, but they usually seem to apply to female associates. I need a super fab thank you gift for my male SA and I really need help! Also if he is a dept. manager but not the store manager can I also write a letter commending him on excellent service? TIA, I am eager to hear your fantastic suggestions as I know how creative you all are!
  2. No help? Can somebody give me some advice, pretty please!
  3. I would write a nice letter to him and to his manager. That way the company can see how well he is doing and he will be rewarded in his reviews.

    As far as a gift... I always liked Godiva Chocolates. They are yummy, decadent and not too expensive. Did you have a price range in mind for a gift?

    Hope that helps. :okay:
  4. I would write a letter to his manager commending him on excellent customer service and stuff. As far as a gift goes, I would suggest some type of food. I have found that the NM chocolate chip cookies are packaged very nicely, taste home baked and they are not too expensive. I gave them to some SAs last year and they really enjoyed it. I hope this helps!
  5. Great ideas thanks for taking the time to share them with me! Keep them coming!
  6. Write a letter, I did for my SA.
  7. The letter sounds like a good route for sure. I will for certain include that, thanks for the advice about this. I also want to include a gift (something around $50.00 or so), I welcome any ideas, I just cannot think of anything! TIA
  8. my momma always said that food is the way to a mans heart ;) haha ok she never said that but its so true!

    hehe cookies, candies andything thats edible will surely go over REALLY well!
  9. I'd definitely write a letter and give him some Godiva candy. Or maybe a gift card to Starbucks or a bookstore?
  10. How about a nice letter/card and maybe a box of good chocolates or maybe a gift certificate to a nice restaurant nearby...Or maybe some nice cookies?
  11. My SA is a guy and I bought him a box of chocolate as a thankyou gift
  12. a letter and chocolates are a great idea.
    however, as i said in another thread a few weeks ago,tread very carefully, a bigger gift could be seen as a bribe.
  13. Thanks everyone for the great ideas, I am planning on writing a letter and then sending something edible the entire staff can enjoy as I know multiple people in the store. I think that will be the most fun! Thanks again for all the great ideas, if anyone else has one feel free to keep them coming, I love how creative everyone is!
  14. Some companies have gift policies that place limits on dollar value. I'm not certain LV does but you could contact 866 to check.
  15. So glad you asked this question. I have a male SA that I want to do something for too. Godiva it is!