The Perfect "Teacher" Bag?

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    Hi, I am a teacher getting ready to go back to school (yikes!) and I'm looking for a good teacher/work bag. Last year I tried shoving my things into my MBMJ Teri, Faridah, Minkoff Cheri and all manner of handbags, finally giving up and using a North Face backpack. While the backpack is comfortable and fits everything, it's not very stylish and I hate wearing it on the subway.

    Any recs for a great (not ginormous, but big enough for folders, notebooks and purse items) work/teacher bag? I'm open to brands and materials. Thanks!
  2. have you browse Tod's?
  3. Yikes?!! Going back to work sucks, but so does a living for 2 month off your savings. Your job might no be glamourous (whose is?), however you have the most important job in the world-good teacher can be pivotal to child's life. My thanks to you and all the teachers out there who teach and provide guidance to kids while parents work.
    Thank you, especially since you are in Brooklyn-tough crowd here.

    Oh, and bag wise, how about Hype bags-not outrageously expensinve and tons of compartments? They come in some cool colors too or you can stick to basics. With their gold hardware, black is not so basic at all.
  4. I teach 6th grade, and I usually go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx and see what they have. My bag is usually on the floor, and I always stuff it with way too much, so I tend to pick a bag that meets my needs rather than a specific brand. I also never seem to have an umbrella when I need one, so I need something that can get wet.
    I do splurge on a nice wristlet or small clutch to go inside my bag, in case I go out!
  5. I think the Chloe Edith is a great teacher bag. I know they're not made anymore but it wouldn't hurt to scour eBay or consignment stores. I would definately get it authenticated on here first.

    Also, have you ever looked at Jas MB? I'm going back to school and I'm thinking about getting one of their bags. They seem very durable and they're reasonably priced.
  6. I use a huge Alexander McQueen naplak bag. I got it in the sale last year so I dont mind it falling on the floor of my lab. It has stood the test of time.
  7. I'm a teacher too, and I just wanted to clarify that (at least in my state) you get paid 12 months out of the year so you're not technically "unpaid" for 2 months ;)

    As far as a bag, I have a patent Coach Zoe that has been great for "school time." The patent leather is durable, and the bag is big enough to hold lots. I am guilty of bringing some $$$ bags into school and locking them in drawers during the day, but may of them just weren't functional.

    Let us know what you end up with! :tup:
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    Found pictures of one of Hype bags for you. I am secretly crushing on it, but no funds

    Can not upload them :sad:

    Here is the link
  9. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I think I'm going to try the Hayden-Harnett Ibiza tote which is currently 50% off in some colors. It's nylon and huge and has lots of compartments. I'll update on how it works out!

    Thank you for the kind teacher words, and yes, we get paid 12 months out of the year here, too! The "yikes" is more just anxiety about preparing mentally for going back, not really a complaint. I do love my job, but it's always a big transition from summer! I kind of work myself to the bone during the school year and then really relax over the summer! I am looking forward to going back, I just need to get back into the swing. :biggrin:
  10. The Chloe Edith is TDF!
  11. ^^ My mom's a principal and used an Edith tote for school for several years. She's now using an LV Neverfull.
  12. I use a Coach notebook/work bag from the men's department and it works great! It's durable and it doesn't get dirty easily so I can set it down without worrying about damaging it (especially last year when I was doing kindergarten and developmental disabilities classes). It holds everything I need - daybook, clipboard, wallet, etc. It has a ton of pockets inside too so things can be fairly organized. Also it's very very reasonably priced at the outlets - after all the discounts (which goes on a lot at Coach outlets), the bag was only $150. I hate the idea of spending a lot of money on a teacher bag.
  13. My mom used a Louis Vuitton Sac Plat. It is hand held but holds lots of papers and folders.
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  15. i thought the neverfull is a pretty good bag for worksheets and whatsnots. I carried my GM tivoli, its heavy but roomy enough for all the A4 files and lappy.