The perfect spring bag

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  1. I’m on a roll what can I say... while waiting for my mini C patchwork bag to be released, I just had to pick up this Coachella worthy belt bag!

  2. It's super cute! Congrats!
  3. Thanks so much
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  4. Will be perfect for Coachella! Enjoy!
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  6. 0D9C3F16-182F-449F-878E-91145BB246DE.jpg
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  7. not a fan of belt bags but this cuttie is amazing!
  8. I totally felt the same! Even splurging on this guy for a “trendy” bag was difficult at first I must say... BUT it is honestly soooo damn versatile and hassle free I can now understand the hype of a belt bag. And this one specifically goes from super casual day to dressed up at night!
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  9. 78F664CD-34EC-4931-912F-EE0BF606BAC5.jpg
  10. 4C110A0C-FD4B-4D25-93D8-6A5CFC35A6E8.jpg
  11. C76E13CF-6BE7-4DB6-9522-4A6A37A95C88.jpg
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  12. Just ordered this in white. Let's see if I like it. Totally missed the suede part until after I placed the order. Worried it will dirty easily...will see. Black looks tres chic tho.
  13. Well I had a white/cream Nile Minaudière and aside from the fact that I just never truly fall in love with white bags, it also always had some little scuff or mark
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