The Perfect Solution..

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  1. I have been debating for a while on what to stuff my bags with. I've been using old sheets, but it's a pain when I want to swap out bags. I've been wanting to find pillows small enough to stuff my bags, but not stretch them out. I found pillows at Wal Mart labeled "travel pillow." They fit in my Speedys and Neverfulls perfectly, and they were only 3.88 each! Just thought I would share in case anyone else was in the same boat as me! :biggrin:
  2. Great idea!
  3. thanks for the tip :smile:
  4. Great, thx for sharing.
  5. Oh good to know!!! Thx!!
  6. You're welcome. It's shameful how excited I was lol.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for some reasonably priced pillows for mine. These sound perfect, I will definitely check them out!
  8. Uh-oh, then we'd have to go to Wal-Mart. :}
  9. Hehehe!! I know. I'm the girl that would rather pay a toll to go into Target than to go into Wal Mart lol. :lol: I told my mom I wanted cheap pillows and she said "oh, you should check Wal Mart.."
  10. also there the 1$ pillow in ikea is great for that too
  11. Good to know! Thanks!
  12. Great tip! Thanks for sharing!
  13. thanks for sharing!
  14. no walmart in SF. I am heading to Ikea this weekend, note to self to check on the kids pillow section.
  15. you know, it also depends on your relationship with your local SA, but mine normally gives me the little air pillows so I can keep mine in shape.