the perfect size

  1. I'm planning on getting a new BBag and I'm soooo excited! :yahoo:

    I'm pretty sure I want some kind of pink/magenta/purple color, ideally magenta, I guess, but then I can't decide on the size :confused1:

    I love the first, though I find it a twee bit small, but then I'm not a city type of girl, I much rather the seamed-in bags, if you know what I mean: first, twiggy, day... over city or work

    So what can I do? I'm not sure about the Twiggy, I find it too wide, the box is too square, the brief and day are too big...

  2. How about a purse? It's discontinued, but they pop up on eBay fairly often.
  3. sounds good... do they come with shoulder strap aswell?
  4. Nope, no shoulder strap. But the handles are much longer than on the city, so it easily fits over your shoulder.
  5. :s

    I might try the Twiggy, then...

    I can't wait to LE Magenta to come and all of you girls posting your pics. That is going to convince me for sure!
  6. I think the twiggy would be a great choice!! Soooo Cute with the benefit of a shoulder strap. :yes:
  7. Actually I am not sure what you mean by "seamed in" - can you elaborate?
  8. once the twiggy gets slouchy you will love it! It's a great in-between size.

    blk 002.jpg
  9. I'm not a city type girl either, I think my preferences are really similar to yours. My first Bbag was an Ink First, and although I love the shape and style of the bag the best, it is still a teeny bit too small for me. (It's become mostly a weekend purse for me) I recently got a Twiggy and I love it! It's true that it appears boxier, but it compresses nicely under the arm and is quite squishy so it doesn't feel like a box to me at all. That's the beauty of Balenciaga leather, it never feels stiff or bulky. The twiggy has the perfect amount of space to fit my stuff with room to spare.
    To tell the truth, prior to getting my Twiggy, I was also worried about the boxiness, but now that I have it in my hands, I realize I had nothing to worry about.
  10. erm... fiatflux, I guess muy english is getting worse everyday, hahaha! :lecture:

    what I'm trying to say is, well, if you look at the edges of a first, you will see there's a seam and that's it. However, with the city, there's this tiny, thin, thingy going round the seam. Whatever that is called. sorry!:sweatdrop:

    Anyway, I am officially in love with the Twiggy:rolleyes:
  11. it's okay to not love the city. That style doesn't really work for me either. At first it made me feel like an outcast because the City is what we think as the staple Balenciaga style. But you will find you wear what works best for you.

    as for magenta- i would suggest the First style for a bright colored bag. I had a magenta city and that bag screamed!!! So i say go for a magenta first which you will have to find on eBay bc (correct me if i am wrong) the LE magenta will only be released in the City style. g'luck!
  12. I'd say try the Twiggy. It turned out to be the ideal size for me (I'm small, so even the City looks like a large bag on me) and I love mine and hope to get a second one soon.
  13. Go for the Twiggy. I adore that style. Not too big, and really quite stylish. Another option is the box. You might find one on eBay. I have one in cornflower blue and it's precious! Good luck deciding!:smile:
  14. sounds like the twiggy is the one for you :yes:
  15. the twiggy would be perfect imo! It slouches very nicely and is a perfect in-between size