The perfect shoulder bag???


Sep 12, 2011
Right - the time has come to add a mono shoulder bag to my collection. Really would appreciate some help in deciding.....

I don't want a huge bag; don't have strong views about closure (zip, open etc) and would be using it for everyday.

My shortlist:

Delightful - probably the pm. The mm seems huge and too big for everyday.
Neverfull - probably the mm. Concerns about comfort and popularity.
Sully - like the idea of it no being so popular. Bit too structured?
Galliera - not one I considered untilI met a lady with one at the weekend. It was beautiful - gorgeous patina, soft, quite slouchy and just yummy. Not keen on the inventer plate (fear of scratching) and again worried it looks a bit too structured.

Have I overlooked anything? Wouldn't have thought about the galliera until I saw it and an worried I may have missed another gem!

I have browsed the club house threads but would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.


Jan 8, 2012
Hands down - delightful. The neverfull is great also but it's more of a tote. I have the delightful pm and it is very roomy for a pm. No matter what I pile in it, it always feels light and comfy on my shoulder! The slouch takes a short amount of break in time but once it breaks in, it naturally hangs the way I like and the bag hugs my body. I can't say enough great things about it. I love the gall also but I worry about the plate..


Mar 13, 2012
giddyup said:
love love love my new mono galliera; took me months to decide but I know I made the right decision. It's gorgeous! A little pricey compared to delightful but you get a lot more for your money IMO.

I have to agree with giddyup! Ive had my Gall PM for about a month now and this bag is amazing!!! No break in time necessary, comfy right out the box. As its starts to patina it looks even more amazing!!! I can't believe how much softer it has gotten over just a month. Easy to get in and out of. If you do go with the Gall, you will love it! My personal opinion on the plate, I think it's beautiful. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DECISION...let us know?!