The perfect shoe - need help!


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  1. I am in desperat need of some guidance. :crybaby:

    I'm sick and tired of buying these standard stilettos, the ones you seem to like at the beginning, but after they have been worn a few times you just get bored wearing them.

    I'm looking for the fabulous heels. The ones you can wear a simple black dress with and still be the queen of the night.

    Can anyone tell me where to look? Brands? Types? Webpages? Specific models?

    I love roberto cavalli's shoes, unique and wild, but there is only a limited numbers of shoes for every collection - need more.

    I've added some pictures to give you all an idea of what i find unique. Please add pictures, references, idea - anything
    cavalli heels.jpg Dior heels.jpg heels.jpg wild pair.jpg