the perfect red polish ...

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  1. i just love a true classic red on a shorter nail, very old-style Hollywood. my favorite for years has been OPI "Big Apple Red." what's your favorite red nail polish?
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  2. Chanel Gitane
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  3. Bogota Blackberry (OPI). It's a deep yet vibrant red. My all time favorite color!
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  4. Good choice! It’s got that shimmer that OPI does so well.
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  5. Yes! I always prefer a shimmer to nail polish, I don't like the 'creme' colors as much, I need that shimmer, it looks so rich - especially in Bogota Blackberry.
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    I loooove this thread & topic, but I’m having SO much trouble narrowing down my favorite reds! I have a shameful number :P. I am always in search of that elusive “perfect” shade/formula for my skin tone and the season...

    Here are some great reds (1 Zoya & 3 OPI). I favor blue-based, deep reds vs. warmer, orange-based reds, so my fav from this group is OPI Got the Blues for Red (pinky finger).
    Photo source:
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  8. I love OPI’s “Got the Blues for Red”
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  9. Ditto Gitane, also Chanel Pirate.
    I'm also a fan of Zoya Elisa for a more "lit from within" kind of red.
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  11. Chanel Rouge Puissant
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  12. Opi Color So Hot It Berns
    Opi Dutch Tulips
    Opi Big Apple Red
  13. Deborah Lippman's 6-piece "Lady in Red" nail polish set

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  14. Oh drool! What a nice range of orange- & blue- based red cremes, plus a vamp and some bling. I don’t have much experience with Deborah Lippman polishes/formulas, but just looking at this collection makes my red-o-holic heart happy :P
  15. essie Russian Roulette is what I'd consider a true red - not at all orangey and not particularly blue. Just red.
  16. essie Russian Roulette is what I'd consider a true red - not at all orangey and not particularly blue. Just red.