The PERFECT RED... my new rouge vif City!!

  1. I received my new rouge vif City from Bal NY today! :nuts: Like the girls said, Joseph is THE best when it comes to picking out the perfect leather! :yahoo: He even included a really sweet note with my package. Such a sweet guy!! :love: I'm definitely going to buy my next B-bag from him again. :yes:

    I'm SO GLAD I decided to go with this red even though I was so scared of it being too orangey, as seen from other rouge vif photos. It is true that it's very hard to capture the color of this perfect red City. I have finally found my lucky red!! :yahoo::love:

    The leather is thick, smoochy, evenly distressed like I requested. I never own a City so this is my first but I was very surprised how the City looks huge on everyone else's photos but IRL it's not that big at all. :wtf: But I'm in love with my new City!! I can't wait to take it to work with me next week. :supacool:
    Copy of IMG_1024.JPG Copy of IMG_1026.JPG Copy of IMG_1027.JPG Copy of IMG_1034.JPG Copy of IMG_1040.JPG
  2. WOW Irissy . . . GOOOOOOOOORGEOUS :nuts: :yahoo: !! CONGRATS and WELCOME on the Rouge Vif club :flowers: Isn't this color is AMAZING ? I L:heart: VE it :love:
  3. yippy, congrats Irissy, that's one gorgeous bag & Joseph's a doll for sure!!! :love:
  4. :yahoo:
    Wow, so beautiful!!
    Congratulations on your new Bbag!!
    Gorgeous colour and leather!!!
  5. :nuts: Wonderful, such an will make heads turn!
  6. Gourgeous! I understand your happyness sooooo much, I bought the same bag four days ago. At first I didn't like it that much, but now I am totally in love with that color.
  7. wow congrats!
  8. Wow...lovely! BTW, I think there must be lots of tiny gals in this forum, because I too thought the City bag was bigger at first! It looks like a matchbox on me... ;)
  9. Pretty! Enjoy!
  10. Oh, I love that one...

  11. irissy, yeah! your rouge vif is gorgeous!! and would you believe the leather gets even better with use???:love:
  12. Congrats! That bag is super-fly!
  13. It's a beauty!! Gotta love that Rouge VIF. Congratulations on your first 'City' BBag in a truely awesome color. I'm sure you'll enjoy!
  14. :nuts: :love:
    its absoulutely LOoo:huh:oo:huh:ooovely Irissy!!
    congratUuUuUulations dear!! :yahoo:
    we cant wait to hear how she liked work?? i bet you just have to stare at your bag when ever you feel down at work.. and that red will cheer u up!!! :heart:
  15. So beautiful, congratulations! Enjoy wearing her!