The perfect red bag

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  1. hello all. i am new here though i've been reading and enjoying this entire site for some months now. due to the nature of my work (lots of travelling in strange places with no plumbing) in the last decade or so, i've been mostly content to stuff things into a beat-up backpack. in the past few years though i've been mostly deskbound and had to drastically change my lifestyle; but it's only been lately that my bags have begun to catch up!

    please bear with me, as i'm not very knowledgeable about the subject. i am looking for the perfect red bag: not too bright a red, large-to-oversized, genuine leather, not too fussy or dainty, easy to get into; does not have to be a designer item, price up to $500. i would like to

    1) solicit opinions on the following item:

    2) ask for other suggestions that would fit my criteria above.:wondering

    any comments or suggestions would be most appreciated. thank you!
  2. I like your choice.

    You might also check out Dooney and Bourke. They have some beautiful red leathers definitely in your price range (the Alto line).
  3. I have a Dooney Tassel tote (all weather leather) in red. It's a beautiful bright, lipstick red. If you're looking for a bag with a lot of color punch, I'd go for the Dooney & Burke all-weather leather bags in red.
  4. Welcome honey!!! I was just on spending too much on cosmetics but I did see a pretty red bag in their clothes/accessories sections. It's the Matt Murphy leather metro tote under $300. Check it out and good luck!
  5. I love the bag you posted! The color is rich, the texture/details are nice and the price is grrrrrrrrrrrreat!
  6. I really like the bag, it had caught my eye a couple of days ago. I like that it is a wine color instead of a bright primary red color. by the way, what do you do for a living, it sounds very interesting.
  7. While I am going to be of no real help right now, because this bag does not fit into your budget- I can't not tell you that I think the perfect red bag is the Tod's Carey Sacca Grande Tote in red. :love:


    I know, slap me on my hand for not being in your budget- but I just thought you should take a look!! Maybe it will be marked down soon, or you will want to splurge some more! I will keep my eyes out for some other beautiful red bags thought :shame:
  8. I like that woven (or woven-look) satchel that you posted - and that sale price is nice!
  9. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. BLM, thank you for pointing me to the Matt Murphy -- it looks about the right size and shape, not fussy at all, and it's going into my top 5; I am also looking through the Dooney & Burke site Pseub and Greenie!

    Megs, I first saw the Tod's bag in one of your earlier posts; it's absolutely breathtaking. Perhaps when my mid-year bonus arrives! I spent most of my year-end $$$ on a guitar :biggrin: Youngprof, Inky, Greenie and Kat, thanks too for comments on the Lucca bag. I thought the details looked very appealing too, and the price seemed very reasonable in light of how much I blew on said guitar :shame:

    Inky, was a journalist for many years (based in Asia) and now an editor. I get to take a bath everyday!
  10. I love that tods bag too!!!!!
  11. This would be my choice but it too is a bit pricey. ($1,050) It is Gucci's medium hobo.
  12. I like your's beautiful. Have you heard of Monsac? I believe they have some really nice quality leather bags in red. They tend to be a bit more conservative, but definitely "bang for the buck" type bags. My mom has a tan flap bag that is so classic, and has held up to her abuse :lol: . They are carried in Nordstroms and
  13. I love that bag! I've been wanting one for the longest time :[
  14. I agree and go for Dooney leather. Dooney's leather bags are good quality and last a very long time. I wouldn't spend more than 500 on a red bag either as it's not a versatile color. Good luck!
  15. Hi piqueme, that Elliott Lucca you picked is beautiful.

    My bag shopping is done vicariously (ie in my mind, and through reading the posts of the other people here). Can't find anything as lovely and reasonably-priced as what you suggested.

    Hobo bags are quality bags, here's one (the red might be a bit too bright for your taste, though).

    This Lodis is probably a bit too small for you but I like the sleek look of it: