the perfect paddy?

  1. hi guys!

    what do you guys think:

    my first paddy was a delicious chocolate '05 from ann's, and the leather is smooshy, pebbly, totally TDF and ever since then i've been on the hunt for more paddies just like her. i've scoured department stores (2007 leather looks somewhat fake to me:tdown:), auction sites, consignment stores, buying/returning/re-selling and have not yet found leather as delicious as my first chocolate. i've focused on 2005/2006 paddies as everyone says those are the best, but still i can't seem to find another just like my first.

    how do i find the perfect paddy? or am i biased just because chocolate was my first paddy? :p
  2. I think the leather on 2005 paddies is irresistable. In general with paddies, some seem to grab you while others, though gorgeous, don't "grab" you the same way.

    '05 leather is a surefire "grabber" for me, and I also love the metallic leather paddies (in anthracite, argent, or aubergine), the later season ones after Chloe figured out how to make the colors not fade. I used to have an anthracite and an aubergine and I miss them! (But they are with other PF'ers now, so it's all good!)

    In my mind, the metallic paddies are probably the perfect paddies. :yes:

    My only paddy now is a tweed paddy, and I love it because it's so unique.
  3. another question: have any of the paddies made by Chloe have "paper-like" leather? i recently bought a paddy and the leather is... extremely smooth and feels like i paper when i run my hands on it. not at all like the grenat and chocolate paddies that i have. it's supposed to be a 2005 paddy so i thought the leather should be the same... or is chloe quality control not consistent like that?

    TIA for anyone's thoughts!
  4. Paper-like? That sounds strange... is the leather very dry?

    In my paddy collecting days I've had an 06 choc, 05 craie, 05 sable, 07 argent and 06 jeans moyen.

    The 05 bags are defiintely the softest most smushy leather.

    06 is a fair bit stiffer (the leather feels thicker or something).

    07 is sometimes stiff, sometimes not so much.
  5. Perhaps it is dry. When I received my chocolate front pocket paddy from Aloha Rag, mine may have felt "papery" and smooth but it should generally feel thick when you pinch the leather (like you would love handles - ie., chubby tummy or sides). I had to condition mine right away with Coach leather conditioner, and I also use Apple Care Conditioner. Now the leather's awesome.