The Perfect Monogram Collection?

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  1. This has been tormenting me as I've been going back and forth with my collection (love it some days, and hate it others). I'm going to do this for every single line...I need a plan and need to stick to it! I keep buying bags and then never using them!

    Here is my 'perfect' monogram collection. What would you add/delete/change about it? What am I missing...

    I *think* this would be mine:

    1-2 large luggage pieces (check on size) - this is wayyyyyy in the future....I'd probably be scared to check them!!!
    1 keepall for carry on
    speedy 30 just to have one (got it!)
    a BV for a tote bag (got it!)
    Stephen for a messenger bag (got it!)
    Beverly/Sophie for a small clutch/shoulder bag for evenings
    Cosmetic case
    Agenda - or go with Vernis?
    Wallet (got it!)
  2. just a quick side note about LV luggage, I personally think its fabulous, but my cousin who used to be a baggage guy for American, says once they see the more "expensive" luggage, they treat those worse... so, I'd maybe just buy a carry on. :smile: Unless you have money to burn, then go for it :smile:
  3. twiggers, i think the list is perfect!
  4. :yes::tup: Love your choices.

  5. hmmm, no offense sounds like urban legend. Whether it's an expensive bag or not, if they are damaged the airline is liable...I check mine all the time, without any problems so far.
  6. What about some smaller pieces?

    Cles - Poochette - Wapity

    Both the Poochette and wapity have multi uses as a bag themselves or as a pouch inside a bigger bag.
  7. Your list sounds perfect!
  8. I really like your list too! I might add the multicles rabat as a bag charm/key & ID holder, which I like but is only available in mono!
  9. Mono is best for travel articles IMO, if everything is in mono it's a little too matchy matchy sometimes IMO and will get at least me very bored. =P
  10. looks like you've got a pretty well-rounded list there. i wouldn't change it. well, maybe add a Sac Plat or Porte Documents for work :yes:
  11. Great Choices!!!!
  12. might be, but since it came from someone who did it, i don't really have reason to doubt him.

    sorry to hijack the thread again - but back to the subject, :smile:

    The list looks great, a little bit of everything :smile:
  13. Thanks everyone!!!
    I have a mini lin that is why I didn't add a mono one.

    Question about the wapity....could it double as a cosmetics case...or too small?

    And what about the you think it's mono overload...and maybe go with Vernis???

    Hmmm a document holder....I have this leather one with my school mascot (lovely ND Leprechaun) on it...but odds are I won't be getting a job at something neutral might be better. Although....on the job market, that might be better in Epi so it's not so 'in your face'!

    I plan on doing these lists with all the different lines (starting different threads here and there) that I can build the perfect collection :smile: Well...mostly so I can stay focused!!
  14. Oooohhhhh....I looked at the multicles rabat...I like!!!
    The porte documents....I don't see it on much is that?
  15. I like the agenda in mono. I think it might hold up better.list sounds great.