The perfect manbag (messenger) - need help with an anniversary gift

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  1. October 24 me and my bf have been together 2 years. I want to get him something to commemorate the occasion.

    Last year I got him a nice leather/silver cuff that he adores, so I don't think I want to get him any jewelry. I thought since he does wear a bag from time to time, and his old one is getting quite scuffed (and wasn't very nice in the first place :graucho:) getting him a nice leather bag would be practical, thoughtful and maybe it would make him more understanding when it comes to the bag-situation :lol:.

    I've tried to search for one but haven't had much luck in finding one I like and he might like for a reasonable price (under 300$)

    Also, if you have any non-bag suggestion, roll them in as well!!

  2. I'd suggest a men's coach messenger bag - they come in all leather and only slightly more than $300 so it fits into your price range.
  3. You can check out a Coach Men's Factory Store and get an outlet style for around $150. The outlet styles are almost all classic-like styles.

    I have a men's messenger bag from H&M from the Jimmy Choo collection. It was $249. It's quite durable (surprisingly, considering that it's from H&M) and has leather that is VERY thick and very hard to scratch. The style is quite stylish, too. It's not for sale at H&M anymore, but it may be available on Ebay. I recommend this bag as well.

    It's the bag on the upper right hand corner of this picture:

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  4. Hermes also has a very nice fabulous's like a male version of herbag..
  5. Levis do some nice manbags in leather, I was at the outlet recently and quite impressed. Mulberry do them as well but I'm not sure about the price range
  6. check out jack spade - his designs are cute. they sometimes pop on Gilt.
  7. I actually eyed those, and they were really nice. Will looking to them more!

    I'm really liking the Jimmy Choo H&M one! I like it that it has edgy leather. My BF is a guitarist, and he likes his stuff to be a bit rock'n'roll as well :amuse:

    Thanks, twboi, angelicjulie and NYC Chicky as well (checked out some Jake Spade and Levi's stuff and spotted some nice ones. Too bad Hermes is a bit out of my price range ;) )
  8. Try Cole Haan -- my DH got his leather messenger there and loves it!
  9. I found one really nice Cole Haan messenger that I'm contemplating on! TY!

    Meanwhile, what do you think about this?


    His backback is in shreds and he's being a typical man, not getting a new one until he officially can't use it anymore. Thought this could be an option for the messenger :smile:
  10. Kenneth Cole has a lot of man bags at Nordstrom Rack and well within your price range.
  11. Correction: The above should have read that Nordstrom Rack has a lot of Kenneth Cole man bags and well into your price range. LOL! I need to go to sleep.
  12. Thanks bagolicious, I seemed to be asleep too, my post was supposed to have a pic :biggrin:

    What do you think?


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  13. Is he a back pack person to begin with?
  14. Yes, he actually carries a backpack more than his bag. And his current backpack is practically in shreds (lining ripped almost off) :P