The perfect MAM

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  2. I am madly in love with this bag! Perhaps even more so than any of my other RM bags. The leather on this beauty is soft, supple, rich, buttery, squishy, smooshy, smoochy, and many more adjectives I can't quite think of right now. Done in a deep velvety black color, accented by the intricate basketweave trim, and finsihed with gorgeous light gold hardware with just the right amount of shine, this bag is complete and utter perfection as far as bags go.

    The new zipper pulls give the bag a clean, classic look and can easily be worn in a professional office setting, on a date, at school, as an everyday bag and much more. It truly is a chameleon of a bag and in my humble opinion is worth every penny of what I paid. In fact, I would have paid a lot more for this bag; its that special!:yahoo::heart:
  3. Gung, you are making me like this one more and more!

  4. I highly recommend this bag! It doesn't get better than this!
  5. Because of your pictures, I'm contemplating asking FLL if I can place an order for one! Thanks for the lovely pics!
  6. It's so beautiful! I agree that the new hardware makes it much nicer, I prefer it to the dogtags/tassels. The only thing that would bum me out is the lack of blue zippers, but that doesn't seem to faze you at all. congrats!
  7. I am so happy you said this. Would you say that this is the perfect black bag? Also Gung since you have so many RM bags you can really give a well guided opinion. Would you say the leather is fabulous and this would be the perfect first RM bag?
  8. ^Yes, I have found my perfect black bag in the MAM! It can work in so many situations and is soooo beautiful! In regard to your questions, yes the leather is Fabulous with a capital F! If you are in the market for your first RM, this bag would make a great starter bag!
  9. :heart:Thank you Gung
  10. Let me know if you manage to get one! A few ladies canceled their orders, so you should be able to find one!
  11. GUNG, wow... What a beauty! Mine was just delivered today too! :yahoo:

    What's its name? Enquiring minds would love to know!
  12. Well, I have both and I actually prefer the one without the blue zipper. Having the bag all black makes it much more versatile. When you need to go into professional work mode, this bag can do the job. Alternatively, it works equally as well for casual wear.

  13. I am still in the name process! Let me see pics of your bag! :yes::yahoo::heart::yahoo::yes:
  14. LOL. I promise to post pics as soon as I get home from work.

    I knew that I was going to like it, but seeing your pics and reading your description is telling me that I will love it! :yes:

    I do have one more question... Does it have that yummy leather smell?
  15. ^yesssss:yahoo::yahoo: