The perfect male wallet

  1. Hi...I recently bought a Citadin bag which I love so much. I want to get a gr8 wallet to go with it. Any suggestions? I was thinking of a Brazza Wallet cos it can hold more things than any wallets LV have.
    (I prefer wallets that can hold coins):smile:
  2. The damier ludlow is great! Have one and it rocks! big enough to hold all your cards, change, and cash. Small enough to fit into your back pocket. Check it out.
  3. I think my all time FAVORITE wallet is the one I hunted down for my husband...We met Vlad and Megs for lunch and we were all admiring each others goods...Vlad pulled out his wallet and I fell in LOVE with it! So, the search LV stopped making them. Selena and I looked for a few hours and SCORED!! Here is a pic.
    pics 405.jpg pics 407.jpg
  4. The brazza sounds like the best one for your needs. I do like that it can hold a lot and the zippered compartment would be great for coins and reciepts. Which were you thinking of getting it in ~ mono, damier or epi?
  5. How about the Florin Wallet? It can hold a lot of cards, has 2 bill sections, and a coin compartment. You can get it in Epi, Damier or Taiga I think. What ever you decide, please post pics when you get it!!
  6. My Damier pocket organiser is the perfact wallet for a guy who can restrain himself from constantly jamming everything and anything into his wallet. I can't handle wallets much larger.
  7. Got the Brazza for my boyfriend as an anniversary gift. He adore it, and wants a matching bag for Christmas!
  8. how about the taiga wallet "wallet with coin pocket" it is very verstitle and has coin storage
  9. My DH loves the pocket organizer the best!
  10. i got the Taiga Florin for my ex-boyfriend, and he loved it. it has so many credit card slots, plus a coin compartment and an ID window. and the Taiga leather is exquisite :love:
  11. i got my bf the multiple damier wallet. he loves it, mostly because he hates the coin pouch....he was soooo bummed that we couldnt special order an azur wallet though, hopefully in the next year or so they come out with one.
  12. I had 3 LV wallets, all without coin purse. I like my wallets thin.

    Does the coin compartment make the wallet thicker?

    I am using Bogetta now. I thought about a Hermes one, but couldn't justify a 1000 US Dollar wallet.

  13. do you mean bottega?

  14. Yes, sorry, I feel like a counterfeiter.