The Perfect Makeup Bag....

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  1. I'm looking for the perfect (small) makeup bag to carry in my trouville. I'd like some sort of print...not flowers though. Anyone have any suggestions? TIA!
  2. I am subscribing to this thread because I too am in the market.

    I am going to look at the Damier Canvas accessory line this weekend; I think that is what I will be choosing. I like the versatility of the Damier line to blend with any style/color of purse.
  3. I'd also say go w/ Damier's functional, hard to get dirty and goes w/ anything. It's a different print than you usually see people have on a cosmetic bag and will last a lifetime.
  4. If the $$ is OK definitely LV, if you don't want to spend that, try Sephora, they have cute ones
  5. Coach also has a few that are great, but if you don't want to mix brands I would also suggest something damier. Also, if you are afraid of makeup stains, not to worry as the Mr Clean magic eraser really does work miracles. I purchased a bag off of ebay with lots of make up stains in the bottom of the bag (eyeliner and power), I swiped the eraser over it and the stains are gone !!
  6. I usually don't carry makeup with me other than lip stuff (liner, balm, lipstick/gloss). For those I use the LV Mono pouchette that came with my Petit Bucket bag. My makeup case at home is a black leather Bobby Brown case, really nice for keeping everything organized.
  7. I agree with LV if the $$$ are available. If not MAC has a few nice ones in nylon.
  8. I use the monogram accessories pochette from LV.
  9. I don't know if the prints are still only flowers but Vera Bradley may be something you like. Someone in NM pulled one out of her bag I always forget about them.
  10. I agree with raspbeery. I do have it and it has a nice size where everything fits in and it would match your trouville monogram? It#s lovely and durable:love:
  11. i use pochette accessoire when i travel.. i travel light so it fits all of my make up other than my brushes... i do have small make up trunk at home tho >.<
  12. i use a LV pochette cosmetique... it fits everything i need in it for day to day use :smile:
  13. I just use a large Coach Hamptons Weekend wristlet. They are not too expensive now and hold up pretty well. They also come in several different colors. It holds quite a bit and it fits nicely in my Cabas Piano (which is my smallest bag):