The perfect LV shoulder bag!!!


The perfect LV shoulder bag!!!

  1. Ravello PM

  2. Tikal PM

  3. Tulum PM

  4. Hudson PM

  5. Highbury

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  1. Ladies, I am in love with these 5 shoulder bags. Which one do you prefer??? (Personally, I would love to get them all but knowing me I probably will end up with something completely different come buying time...) :P

    Ravello PM - $690
    Tikal PM - $750
    Tulum PM - $1090
    Hudson PM - $1320
    Highbury - $1460
    ravellopm.jpg tikalpm.jpg tulumpm.jpg hudsonpm.jpg damierhighbury.jpg
  2. Choosing between this incredible lineup...I'd go with the Hudson PM!
  3. i say the Hudson. it's the prettiest :yes:!
  4. I like the Highbury.
  5. Hmmm...I think the Ravello PM and Tikal PM are really cute little purses, but if you need to hold more stuff, I'd go with the Hudson.:yes:
  6. i'll go with tikal or hudson
  7. I own the Hudson... I'm biased :shame:
  8. Highbury;)
  9. i like the hudson PM.
  10. another vote for the Hudson PM!!!!
  11. I vote for the Hudson PM too:heart:
  12. I love the Ravello PM and the Hudson!
  13. Highbury is on my list.
  14. i like the ravello. its soo cute lookin
  15. I think the Hughbury looks the best.