The perfect little black pump

  1. Like there is the classic "little black dress", there must be the classic all year round black pump ?!

    I really need/want my pair of perfect black pumps !
    Where to find these ? Can you name brands who make stylish, quality, comfortable, yet affordable black pumps ??? (I love CL but I'd like to find some around 300$)

    Here are the styles I like...rounded or pointy, it depends...max 3.5" (7cm) heel. And if I could find these in Europe even better !
    Thank you
    0452541050752_275x275.jpg 0452568990703_275x275.jpg
  2. I'd like to add that a chunkier heel is fine too :yes:
  3. For an everyday pair of black pumps which will fit your price point nicely, try Stuart Weitzman. His shoes fit me incredibly well.
  4. Thanks, but I am not looking to buy these CL, it was more to show the style I like !
  5. A hot black pump in my opinion is the Stuart Weitzman Fever pump. For your price range its great! I love mine! They are comfortable too!
  6. Are you talking about these ? They def. look great !
    Unfortunately the only country to buy them in Europe is Italy arrrrggh....I was more leaning towards Paris-France, or London-UK or Copenhagen-Denmark ! But yeah I want them....
  7. Yeah....i Love them!
    Try eBay. They really look great on your foot & run true to size.:yes:
  8. The little black 'shoe' I have is my all time favorite from CL the Black Jazz Decollete 868.
  9. The decolletes are in between round and pointy!
  10. I've been eying this pump by Anyi Lu called Spicy:

  11. Double post
  12. D&G has some classic pumps, although if you think you will wear this shoe a lot, a lot, I would probably splurge on the CL. :p
  13. Did you find the perfect shoe yet?
  14. How long do the CL's usually last if you're wearing them almost as an everyday shoe?