The Perfect Little Black Dress?

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  1. Hi ladies . . . I'm still on my neverending quest to find the perfect LBD - I want something classy and timeless, yet with slightly unique twist . . . let me know what you think of these, or if you have any other suggestions!

    option 1:

    option 2:
  2. i like both a lot! #2 may be more timeless than #1 though.
  3. I love option #1. It's pretty and the cut looks very flattering. But I agree with Blistered that option #2 may be more timeless.
  4. Love #2!!

  5. love #2 but #1 is more unique!
  6. I like the shape of #1, but do agree that #2 looks more classic. Also found 2 more you may like... The first one is a DVF dress (her sizing tends to run a bit bigger in my experience) and the second is a Dolce & Gabbana. I :heart: Dolce & Gabbana because they make fabulous form-fitting dresses, perfect for a va-va-voom look!
  7. MKVneck.jpg Just thought to add a recent buy that fit the "little black dress" cat... my recent winter buy... by Michael Kors.
  8. i love 2! where is it from?
  9. Love #2, i'd like to buy it as well. who is the designer?
  10. Calvin Klein always has some gorgeous LBD's.
  11. My pick is #2. The lace on the first one looks great though.
  12. :heart::heart: #1!! i am not crazy about the rouching (sp?) on #2...#1 seems more simple/sexy/classic.
  13. /\ love the first one!!!!!!!!!